Coronavirus - what is insured?


Coronavirus – We're here to help.

Update from April 13, 2020:

In these challenging times, we want to continue to provide you with professional, reliable and personal support as best as we can.

Please get in touch with your contact person should you have any questions. Until further notice, we'll be there for you during our usual business hours via phone, video calling and email.

Of course, you can still count on our help in the event of a loss. It's easiest to contact us online or directly:

In emergencies, you can also call us on 0800 80 80 80.

Payment due reminders in general will not be sent out to corporate insurance customers until further notice. Customers experiencing financial difficulties can request a deferral on their payments. Again, consult your contact person for information regarding this option.

Click here to find out more about what Zurich and the Vita Joint Foundations are doing to assist customers experiencing payment issues in their occupational pension plans.

Daily Sickness Benefits

As a company, am I insured if several employees cannot work because of the coronavirus?

Companies that hold a daily sickness benefit insurance policy whose employees fall ill with the coronavirus are entitled to benefit under their insurance contract, as with other diseases. Benefits are not payable under a daily sickness benefit policy for healthy employees who do not work on site due to the coronavirus, pursuant to an official order, for example.

Accident insurance

What benefits can I claim if my employees become infected with the coronavirus as a result of their work in a hospital, laboratory or research institute?

In such cases, we will consult the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (LAI) to check whether this can be considered an occupational illness.

Property Insurance

Am I insured if I am forced to close my business by official order?

Customers who have included the epidemic supplementary insurance “business closure and prohibited operation” in their property insurance can in principle claim loss of earnings due to an officially ordered closure - in the case of the current corona virus pandemic, however, this cover is generally only valid until 11 March 2020, the date on which the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic. For this reason, epidemic cover is not available for policies which have excluded losses as a result of a pandemic. Each claim must be checked individually.

Occupational retirement provision

Employees of mine have contracted the coronavirus. How are they insured within the framework of the BVG occupational retirement provision?

The occupational retirement provision also provides insurance coverage in the event of pandemics. This means that your employees are insured for disability or death due to coronavirus. This applies both to the Vita Joint Foundations and to all types of reinsurance for pension funds.


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