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What do I have to consider when canceling?

  • Check your existing insurance policy to see when cancellation is possible. Cancellation conditions and dates are usually found in the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI), sometimes also in special conditions.
  • When you cancel your contract, you must comply with the prescribed notice period – you will find this in your insurance policy (e.g. three months before the contract expires). See also "When can I cancel my insurance". In order to comply with the notice period, Zurich must receive the notice of cancellation before the notice period expires.
  • Please note: If you cancel too late, the contract will in most cases automatically be renewed for one year.
  • You must cancel your existing insurance policy in writing. Your cancellation should include at least the following points: Designation of the letter as a cancellation, date on which the cancellation should take effect, your name and policy number.

When can I cancel my insurance?

  • Contract expiry and notice period 
    When your insurance contract expires (see insurance policy), you have the right to cancel it or not to extend it. You must observe a customary notice period of three months. This means: Your written notice of cancellation must have reached your insurer three months before expiry of the contract at the latest. 
    Important: It is not the date of dispatch but the date of receipt that is decisive. If you cancel too late, the contract will automatically be renewed for another year.
  • In the event of a loss 
    After each event of a loss for which a benefit is to be paid out, you have the right to cancel your contract. The cancellation must be received by the insurer no later than 14 days after you have been notified of the payout. Important: If such a cancellation takes place in the first year of insurance, the unused premium is forfeited. 
  • Premium increase 
    In principle, a unilateral premium increase gives you the right to cancel your entire policy.


Can I cancel due to moving house?

Moving house does not constitute grounds for cancellation. However, if you are moving in with another person, the two insurances can be merged. For this purpose, one insurance company submits a release application to the other. Your customer advisor will be happy to assist you.

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