Zurich Help Point: relax while your car is being repaired

 Two women working at a desk at a Zurich Help Point

Zurich Help Point: relax while your car is being repaired

The customers at the Zurich Help Point are in a remarkably good mood. They've all experienced some damage but they don't have to organize the repairs themselves: Zurich will take care of it. Most of them are very satisfied with the result: nine out of ten Help Point customers would recommend Zurich.
Woman in Help Point
Monday morning at the Zurich Help Point in Dietlikon: Hanspeter Denzler is relaxing on the sofa in the foyer. With a steaming cup of coffee in front of him, he looks laid-back and happy. "A rock hit my windshield and damaged it. My car is being repaired on site. I can wait for it and even get a cup o' joe," he says happily. 

Breakdown on the highway

A young woman is sitting in the armchair next to him. She is also glad to be at the Zurich Help Point. After a breakdown on the highway, Zurich quickly organized a tow truck for her as part of her assistance insurance. Her replacement car is now being prepared so that she can stay mobile despite the breakdown. She's relieved that she can get help so quickly and that everything is so straightforward.

Lifetime guarantee is "awesome"

"Lifetime guarantee? That's awesome!" another customer says happily. She also brought her damaged car to the Zurich Help Point and received a replacement for two days until the repair was complete. Her car wasn't repaired on site, but at a Zurich partner garage nearby. Zurich issues a lifetime guarantee for her repair.

Zurich takes care of everything

All three customers are happy that they don't have to organize the repairs themselves and that Zurich takes care of everything: with almost no paperwork. Vehicle expert Giuseppe Cerra reports that he discusses the planned repairs with customers and is also happy to answer any questions. "We don't choose the cheapest, but rather the most gentle repair method for the vehicle. For rock damage, for example, it is often better, depending on the damage, not to replace the entire windshield." If the windshield can be repaired instead of replaced it's more environmentally friendly: Sustainability is an important topic at Zurich. 

Stay mobile with a replacement car

If the repair takes a while, the customer can still remain mobile. They can choose whether they want a taxi voucher, tickets for public transportation or a replacement car. The Help Point is also set up for special requests. "If a customer only drives an automatic or needs a child safety seat, we make that possible," says Giuseppe Cerra. When you pick it up, your car will be freshly vacuumed, cleaned and disinfected. And depending on the season, there will also be a free safety check for brakes and lights, such as right now in fall.

27 Zurich Help Points and over 250 partner garages

Head of Claims and Executive Management member Ralph Echensperger is convinced that the Zurich Help Point system offers great added value for customers: "With 27 Zurich Help Points and more than 250 partner garages, we are very close to our customers throughout Switzerland," he reports. In the event of a loss, many don't want organizational stress, but simply a good, straightforward solution. That's exactly what the Zurich Help Point offers: "If you have an accident, just drop by, and we'll take care of the rest."

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