Insurance for Trucks, Buses, Aircraft and Boats

Other means of Transport

For vehicles on land, on water and in the air

Zurich offers a broad range of insurance tailored for trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, motor vehicles and trailers, as well as aircraft and boats. Our solutions cover losses arising from liability claims and accidents.

Insurance for commercial vehicles

Trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural vehicles and machinery – Zurich helps you choose the right coverage for your commercial vehicles, from third-party liability through collision and partial accidental damage to accident insurance.

  • Liability insurance covers damage that you cause to third parties with your vehicle, protects you against unjustified claims by others and offers insurance coverage up to CHF 100m
  • Collision insurance deals with damage to your own vehicle caused by a collision, overturning, falling or sinking
  • With partial accidental damage insurance, your own vehicle is insured against theft, fire, damage caused by natural forces, collision with animals, breakage of glass and vandalism
  • Accident insurance pays benefits in the event of death, disability or temporary inability to work, and pays a daily benefit in case of hospitalization
  • Legal expenses insurance supports you throughout Europe in legal proceedings launched against you as owner, holder, driver or passenger of a vehicle

By the way:
No-claims drivers enjoy lower premiums – up to 70% bonus.
There are additional options available to suit your individual needs. Contact us anytime for more information

Take to the skies with proper Insurance for your aircraft

The right aviation insurance lets you relax and enjoy your time above and among the clouds. Zurich Aviation is a modular insurance that protects private owners of airplanes – passenger and pilot, in the air and on the ground.

  • A personal risk analysis, tailored to your circumstances, shows you the insurance needed to cover you and your aircraft
  • Our aviation specialists are on hand to offer personal, expert advice in structuring your aviation insurance
  • You can take out separate liability insurance for passengers and third parties, or combined single limit (CSL) with a lump sum guarantee
  • Our aviation insurance protects you against damage to your aircraft caused by fire, strong wind, hail, theft or small animals, in the air and on the ground (comprehensive or stationary aircraft hull insurance)
  • When it comes to submitting a claim, you can rely on our neutral expertise

By the way:
You can insure passengers against accidents separately. This insurance also covers accidents when boarding and disembarking and as a consequence of an emergency landing.

This boat insurance enables you to hold a steady course

Anyone who owns a boat is aware of the responsibility assumed for any loss that occurs on water or on land. Zurich Boat Insurance ensures that you can relax and enjoy your adventures at sea.

  • Our boat liability insurance covers owners, holders, captains, crew and any water skiers being towed against third-party bodily injury and property damage
  • For each year you do not submit a claim, your premium for accidental damage insurance will drop, up to a maximum of 50%; you will never pay more than 100% premium
  • Attractive introductory bonus for new owners
  • Partial accidental damage insurance pays out for theft, fire, avalanche, breakage of glass and damages caused by natural forces on land. As an option, you can also insure against damages caused by natural forces to stationary craft on the water
  • Comprehensive accidental damage insurance covers damages caused by natural forces on land and on the water, as well as forcible damage caused by impact, running aground, sinking, wind pressure (gusts), swamping and capsizing
  • Accident insurance is valid for passengers as well as emergency service personnel, with coverage against losses that the insured person incurs in relation to use of the boat. Compensation is paid in the event of death, disability and bodily injury

Our advisory service

You decide how you want to insure commercial vehicles, boats and aircraft. We would be glad to help you choose the right solution for liability, fully and partially comprehensive as well as accident insurance.

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