Zurich for CPK Swatch Group

Flexible risk insurance

CPK Swatch Group
People with families have special responsibilities – this also holds true for their financial security during periods of disability resulting from illness or an accident, or even an unexpected death. With the flexible risk insurance policies from Zurich, you can protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of disability and death. The exclusive contract Zurich signed with the CPK Swatch Group lets you take advantage of preferential conditions.

Risk insurance if you are insured by CPK Swatch Group

Protect your family against the financial consequences of disability and death.

Risk insurance for your life partner

Mutual risk coverage – your partner can also be insured and benefit from preferred conditions.

Your advantages and benefits

  • Preferential conditions on insurance for financial security in case of death or disability
  • You can continue the policy after your employment contract ends
  • Flexible insurance cover that meets your needs
  • You can terminate risk insurance policies on a yearly basis with only a one-month period of notice
  • Premium exemption always applies in case of disability; if you become disabled, Zurich covers your premium

Your consultation

Do you need a customized insurance policy? We would be happy to advise you.