Data protection

Data protection

Data protection

Zurich sets great store on the protection of your data and their trustworthy handling. Our Privacy Policies inform you how Zurich collects and processes personal data. In its comprehensive Data commitment, the Zurich Group pledges itself to four fundamental values. Especially important: Zurich never sells personal data.

Find the Privacy Notice that fits your information needs in the selection.

Use of the website

You are looking for information on or using our online services.

Insurance products

You have taken out insurance with Zurich or reported a claim.

Invest and retirement

You have invested via Zurich (ZIAG) or chosen a retirement provision solution.


You have set up financial planning at Zurich or use some of our other services.


You have taken out a mortgage at Zurich.

«ZUSAG» Services

You are using Zurich Z Volt or the Zurich Cyber Security App.

Zurich Insurance Group Pension Plan

You would like to contact Zurich Pension's data protection advisor.

Video «Zurich data commitment»

Click on the video below to learn more about data protection at Zurich.