Security deposit guarantee

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Security deposit guarantee residential

The easy alternative to conventional rent deposit accounts

You don’t have to provide a cash as a security deposit and may invest your money in new furniture or other purchase instead

Comparable security with less expense: this makes Zurich Security deposit guarantee an attractive alternative to conventional rent deposit accounts – for tenants as much as for landlords. The Security deposit guarantee is available from CHF 135 a year.

Security for landlord and tenant

Landlords and tenants have the same security as they do with a security deposit account.
Claims are subject to the same rules under tenancy law

Renting without a security deposit

Instead of a security deposit the tenant pays a small annual premium and Zurich guarantees the agreed security deposit – from as little as CHF 135 a year.

Financial flexibility

Thanks to the security deposit guarantee for residential accommodation from Zurich, it is no longer necessary to deposit 3 months' rent.
The amount can be used to buy other things.

Overview of Benefits

  • Outstanding rental payments
  • Damage to rental property
  • Other matters of tenancy law
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In detail

In detail

The security deposit guarantee answers for the rent deposit that a landlord can demand from a tenant. Cover extends to all justified claims pursuant to the principles set out under rental law that the landlord may assert against the tenant on the basis of the relevant rental contract. If the security deposit guarantee by Zurich is claimed, the tenant must reimburse Zurich the amount paid.

Benefits for tenants

  • The money saved by not paying the security deposit is at your free disposal.
  • You have greater financial leeway for the move and for purchasing necessary items.

Benefits for landlords

  • The landlord has less administrative work than in the case of a bank account.
  • No delays in the payment of the security deposit: security for landlords and tenants from day one.
  • Zurich will ensure prompt payment in the case of rent arrears, damage to the rented property and other claims under tenancy law.
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