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What’s in it for me?

  • 10% discount on the motor insurance premium for all Uber partner-drivers
  • 20% discount for electric or hybrid cars
  • Possibility to choose between monthly flexible and annual fixed coverage

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If you are driving with the Uber App, you need a supplementary cover for commercial people transport because the private car insurance does not cover claims that occur while you are using the Uber App.


Pay the supplementary coverage for commercial people transport only for the actual mileage you drive with the Uber App (invoiced monthly). Choose the option Private and Uber trips in the premium calculator.

Reduced deductible

After three years of accident-free driving  your deductible will be  reduced by CHF 500, and by another CHF 500 after a full six years of accident-free driving.

Back on the road in no time

27 Help Points and numerous repair partners – quick, convenient and always nearby. With a lifetime guarantee on repairs.

Monthly flexible cover
Use: Private and Uber trips

Choose this option if you drive less than 2’000 commercial km/month (~300 trips) and you only do commercial people transport using the Uber app.

  • 10% discount on the annual motor insurance premium
  • 20% discount for electric or hybrid cars
  • Monthly top-up charge on your annual premium for each commercial people transport kilometer driven


Annual fixed cover
Main use: Uber trips and other professional passenger transport

Choose this option if you drive more than 2’000 commercial km/month (~300 trips) using the Uber app or you transport customers outside of the Uber app.

  • 10% discount on the annual motor insurance premium
  • 20% discount for electric or hybrid cars.
  • Annual fixed surcharge on your premium for commercial people transport
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Motorist’s legal protection insurance from Orion (1 year free)

  • You get free advice on legal matters from the experts at Orion.
  • You have a free choice of lawyer in the event of a court case, Orion will cover the costs; court and trial costs are also covered.
  • Orion will pay court cost compensation to the counterparty. 
  • Even in the case of major mishaps, there is no deduction for gross negligence.
  • Sum insured up to CHF 600,000 per occurrence.

Third-party liability

  • Sum insured up to CHF 100 million.
  • Insurance covers property damage and bodily injury that you cause to third parties with your car.
  • We defend you against un­jus­ti­fied claims by third parties.

Collision accidental damage

  • Collision accidental damage insurance covers damage to your own car caused sudden, forceful, external impact.
  • Zurich also provides benefits in the event of an accident for which you are at fault.
  • In the event of a total loss, you will receive 100% of the vehicle replacement value of your car  within the first year of operation (capped at the amount of the paid purchase price).
  • Collision accidental damage and single vehicle accidental damage insurance combined give you comprehensive insurance.

Partial collision damage

  • With single vehicle accidental damage insurance, your own car is insured against theft, glass damage, animal, vandalism, fire and damage caused by natural hazards (e.ghail).
  • Optional extras: Damage caused by martens parking damage, personal belongings in the car.


  • Zurich accident insurance protects you and any passengers in your vehicle against the potential financial consequences of accidents.
  • The insurance also covers medical expenses within the first five years following the day of the accident. If you require an inpatient hospital stay, the coverage also includes a private ward.
  • Accident insurance coverage is also valid in other people’s cars for you and your family – worldwide for up to six weeks.
  • It also covers medical expenses up to CHF 5'000 for pets traveling in the vehicle.


  • Valid in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Zurich covers the organization and costs of roadside assistance, including minor parts and vehicle towing and recovery costs.
  • Additional costs for necessary accommodation, completion of journey by public transport, vehicle transfer in Switzerland are covered.
  • Zurich will pay up to CHF 1'000 in total for all services provided.
  • Alternative option: Breakdown assistance, Europe.
         * The provider of the legal expenses insurance is Orion Legal Protection Insurance Company Ltd, based in Basel.
Orion Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

Premium Examples

You can benefit just like Manuel Pfister

Manuel Pfister, who drives with Uber, likes flexibility. That's why he wants to avoid paying taxi insurance when he's not driving. But Pfister is not only interested in a low price; he also wants the best possible protection, regardless of whether it's for his car, home or family. That's why he chooses Zurich.

Manuel Pfister tells himself: Do your sums and you’ll save more!
Here are two sample calculations for his car insurance.

¹ Example 1: Toyota Prius, 900km/month

Conventional Commercial People Transport Insurance*
 CHF 1'512.40

Flexible insurance for Uber partner-drivers
- Annual premium
- Monthly top-up charge

 CHF 1'157.10
 CHF 978.30
 CHF 14.90 x 12
Savings  CHF 355.30

¹ Example 2: Toyota Prius, 1500km/month

Conventional Commercial People Transport Insurance*
 CHF 1'512.40

Flexible insurance for Uber partner-drivers
- Annual premium
- Monthly top-up charge

 CHF 1'276.50
 CHF 978.30
 CHF 24.85 x 12
Savings  CHF 235.90

¹ Criteria of the premium examples:

  • Uber driver-partner, 35 years old, Swiss national
  • Toyota Prius, no leasing, private and Uber trips
  • Comprehensive cover (accidental damage and partial casco)
  • Price includes statutory charges

*Uber driver-partner discount of 10% not included.

If you drive more than 2,000 km per month throughout the year, you are better off with the annual fixed coverage and you still get 10% discount on the motor insurance premium.


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