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Shop and surf online securely

Surf securely and online shopping

Keeping you safe on the Internet: With the "Cyber Safe Shop & Pay" insurance package, you are protected, for example,against fraud, loss, damage or card and account misuse. The “Cyber Safe Surf” coverage protects you from the consequences of a computer virus or hacker attack on your personal computers, tablets and cell phones: We pay for the malware to be removed and for the data to be recovered.

Cyber Safe Shop

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay: Secure online shopping

The package ordered online gets lost or a hacker gets hold of your e-banking access data and clears out your account? The "Cyber Safe Shop & Pay" insurance will pay for the damage incurred in these cases.

Cyber Safe Surf

Cyber Safe Surf: Data recovery after a virus attack

A malicious computer virus or hacking attack can cause a lot of damage to your computer in no time. Cyber Safe Surf insurance pays for an expert to remove the malware, reset your programs and restore your data from a backup.

Choose the insurance that’s right for you – or both

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay

  • If you order goods on the Internet that arrive damaged, are incorrect or don’t arrive at all.
  • If you are the victim of fraud when booking a hotel or holiday apartment online.
  • If someone accesses your account online and makes fraudulent transactions.
  • If someone misuses your mobile phone or tablet to make expensive international calls.
  • If you need to block or replace cards.

Cyber Safe Surf

  • When malware needs to be removed.
  • When your operating system, applications and software need to be restored.
  • If your private data needs to be restored from a backup.

Insurance benefits

We fully insure you as a private person against risks on the internet – thanks to our two insurance modules "Cyber Safe Shop & Pay" and "Cyber Safe Surf".

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay

The Cyber Safe Shop & Pay insurance includes the following benefits:

  • Damage in connection with orders placed on the Internet
  • Damage resulting from fraudulent rental and accommodation offers on the Internet
  • Damage resulting from improper access to bank accounts and credit cards
  • Damage resulting from misuse of mobile communication devices
  • Costs for blocking and replacing cards  

Choose from a sum insured of CHF 10,000 to a maximum of 50,000. The premium per year is CHF 39 (including statutory charges such as stamp duty, any discounts such as youth discount or combination discount are not taken into account). There is no deductible for any of the options. 

Important exclusions:

  • For jewelry as well as pocket watches and wristwatches, the benefit is limited to 10% of the sum insured.
  • Food and plants
  • Monetary values, impersonal vouchers/subscriptions and suchlike

Cyber Safe Surf

If any devices in a household belonging to the insured are infected by malware or affected by a hacker attack, we will take over:

  • the costs of removing the malware and the analysis costs, if it is an insured event
  • the costs for reinstalling the operating system and restoring the applications and software
  • the costs of restoring privately used data from a backup

Important exclusions: 

  • A maximum of two events per calendar year are insured.
  • The purchase of a new license if, for example, an application can no longer be restored.
  • Claims in connection with extortion
  • Cash assets, cryptocurrencies and suchlike

The sum insured is fixed at a flat rate of CHF 3,000. The premium per year is CHF 39 (including statutory charges such as stamp duty, any discounts such as youth discount or combination discount are not taken into account). There is no deductible. 

Frequently asked questions

Am I insured if I order an expensive item via an online platform but it never arrives at my house?

With the additional cover "Shop & Pay", you’re on the safe side in such cases. Whether the seller never sent the item or the delivery service "lost" the shipment, both cases are insured and we will compensate you for the value of the shipment.

I’m afraid of booking a holiday apartment abroad via the internet and then being disappointed. Can I insure this risk via "Shop & Pay"?

It depends on what kind of disappointment you are experiencing: If you spontaneously realize upon arrival that beach holidays are not your thing after all, we unfortunately cannot help you. However, if your landlord turns out to have criminal tendencies and you find a dump instead of the villa you were promised, we will reimburse you for the cost of the booking, less any refunds and other compensation.

Why do I need e-banking protection via "Shop & Pay" – doesn't my bank pay for it anyway?

Unfortunately no, many banks refuse to accept liability after phishing attacks. For example, if you open a supposed e-mail from your bank, log in via the fake link and then the hackers empty your account, the damage could be considerable. In the event that your bank doesn’t want to reimburse this, we will pay for the stolen amount within the scope of the selected sum insured.

Misuse of mobile devices: What does this mean?

Imagine your unlocked cell phone is stolen from a restaurant table and the thief takes the opportunity to make expensive international calls to exotic locations. The costs incurred are covered by the "Shop & Pay" insurance.

How likely am I to get hacked as a private individual – isn't it extremely rare?

Unfortunately no, virus attacks and other cyberattacks are also quite common among private individuals. The likelihood of you becoming a victim depends on your surfing habits and security precautions, among other things. If your children regularly download games or you yourself frequently shop online, the risk is higher. But even with the best protective measures, there is always a residual risk – you can cover this risk for CHF 39 per year.

Why do I need insurance for products I order online? I can insure them at the same time when I order them, can't I?

Yes, you can – but it will probably be much more expensive, because with us not only can you insure a single order, you also receive protection for all orders you make – right away, from CHF 39 per year.

What sums insured can I choose with Cyber Shop & Pay?

You can choose between various sums insured ranging from CHF 10,000 to a maximum of CHF 50,000 – here, it depends primarily on the amount you wish to insure on your account when e-banking.

Your service

With our cyber insurance coverage, you are optimally protected against risks on the Internet. We would be glad to advise you.

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