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Cyber insurance: staying safe online

Insure yourself against risks when surfing the internet — especially when shopping online. Choose from two different policy types to best meet your needs, or combine them for a full coverage solution.

Choose the insurance that’s right for you – or both

Recommended for online shoppers

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay

The package you ordered online gets lost or a hacker gets hold of your e-banking access data and clears out your account. In both these cases, the “Cyber Shop & Pay” insurance will pay for the damage incurred.

For anyone who wants to surf without risk

Cyber Safe Surf

What if your data is stolen via a virus or hacker attack? What if your computer is damaged in the process? Our “Cyber Safe Surf” policy covers the costs for professional removal of malicious software, reinstallation of your programs, and restoration of your data.

For those who prefer to play it safe

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay + Surf

Get the best of both worlds: Those who want to be protected against risks both while shopping online and surfing can combine the two products for a full-coverage solution. 

What are the benefits of cyber insurance?

Secure online purchases and web surfing for less than CHF 40!

Cyber Safe Shop & Pay

  • If you order goods on the Internet that arrive damaged, are incorrect or don’t arrive at all.
  • If you are the victim of fraud when booking a hotel or holiday apartment online.
  • If someone accesses your account online and makes fraudulent transactions.
  • If someone misuses your mobile phone or tablet to make expensive international calls.
  • If you need to block or replace cards.

Cyber Safe Surf

  • When malware needs to be removed.
  • When your operating system, applications and software need to be restored.
  • If your private data needs to be restored from a backup.

What does the cyber insurance cover?

Individually or in combination: with our cyber insurance you are optimally protected on the web. Find out more about the individual coverage types in our videos.

Secure online shopping

It can happen: The package you ordered online goes missing or arrives damaged. In these and other cases, Cyber Shop & Pay insurance will pay for your loss.

Secure online booking

If you fall prey to a scammer when booking a hotel or vacation rental online, Cyber Safe Shop & Pay protects you from the financial consequences.

Recover data after a virus attack

Has your computer been hit by a malicious virus or a hacker attack? Cyber Safe Surf insurance will cover costs for removing malware and restoring your backed-up data. 


More information on our cyber insurance policies is available here.
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