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Contents Insurance

With Zurich Contents Insurance you can relax. We cover the costs if your property is damaged as a result of natural hazards, fire, water or a break-in. Young adults up to 30 years old save money thanks to attractive terms.

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Fast Mobile Replacement

Thanks to the right insurance, you will be back online within 48h with a replacement device.

Best protection on the road

With Super Theft, your belongings are fully insured while you're on the road - starting at just 50 km from your home, not only if they got stolen but also lost or damaged.

Zurich benefits

We offer benefits such as a no-claims bonus of 15%, a combined discount of 10% on other Zurich insurance policies, bonuses for young adults up to the age of 30 and partner offers with Securitas Direct and Waldis Tresore.

Insurance benefits

Basic insurance Supplementary insurance Exclusively from an insurance advisor
Please refer to our factsheet, AVBs or your personal policy for the exact sums insured and further details.
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Uncompromising protection with Household Contents All Risk

Do you have upmarket household goods and want comprehensive insurance cover? Then All Risk insurance is the right solution. Whether lost, stolen or damaged - you enjoy all-round protection for your possessions.

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Other products

Protecting your bike

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, Zurich Bike Insurance helps out in every event – in the case of punctures or financial loss. We cover the costs if your bike is stolen or damaged.

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Protection for your home

Water damage, burglary, fire – building insurance helps protect you against financial risks.

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability

Run over the neighbors' cat on your bike? Burned a hole in your friends' Persian carpet? Personal liability insurance is there to pay for events such as these.


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Theft – universally well protected

At home or elsewhere, theft is upsetting. Zurich Household Contents Insurance provides good protection. Learn how you can best protect your household contents comprehensively, wherever the theft occurs.
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Household contents insurance: how to protect yourself against underinsurance

In household contents insurance, it is important that the sum insured realistically reflects the value of such contents – otherwise you risk underinsurance.
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Water damage – what you need to know

Whether it's a burst pipe or a wet basement: Water damage can have many causes. Find out everything you need to know about "water damage" – who pays, how do I protect myself, and what do I do if it happens anyway?
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As a result, you enjoy all-round protection at home.

Household insurance covers household contents insurance and personal liability insurance and is the basic insurance for your home.
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Is your bike frame broken? With insurance for accidental damage to contents, you’re covered.

Do you like to be active outdoors or do you have a house full of tablets and smartphones? We advise you to insure your valuable possessions with cover for accidental damage to contents.
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New smartphone? This insurance makes sense for you.

Is it worth getting cellphone insurance for my new smartphone? We show you the options available. And which of them makes most sense for you.
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So that everything goes well during the move

Moving home is exciting, but it's hard work too. Here you will find five tips and a practical checklist to download so that nothing's forgotten in all the stress.
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Change address: This checklist ensures no one is forgotten

Inform public authorities, insurers, energy suppliers and other companies about your change of address. Our checklist ensures no one is forgotten
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Staying safe during storms

January and July are the big storm months in Switzerland. Storms not only cause extensive damage to property, but can also be dangerous for people. How to protect yourself.
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Disputes between neighbors

Neighbors are great: they water the flowers, feed the cat and take delivery of packages. But there is also the possibility that conflicts arise between neighbors. Typical areas of conflict are noise, plants or construction projects.