Cyber protection by Zurich

Cyber protection by Zurich

Conclude individually or as a package: We support you preventively and protect you against financial losses caused by cyber-attacks.



CHF 72 per year

Zurich Cyber Security App

  • Protects you and your devices with password manager, VPN, identity protection, and other solutions for up to 10 devices. 


  • Offers you phone support in cyber emergencies and for many other IT-related problems.

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From CHF 39 per year

Cyber – Safe Surf

  • Covers the costs for the removal of malware and data recovery on your devices.

Cyber – Safe Shop and Pay

  • Covers financial losses from cyber-attacks during online shopping and payments.
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Cyber insurance

Cover yourself against risks during online shopping or while surfing the internet. We offer two covers that you can conclude either individually or together.

Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay

  • When orders made online are damaged, not delivered, or delivered incorrectly
  • When a financial loss occurs due to fraudulent rental and accommodation offers (e.g., car rentals or hotels)
  • When unauthorized access to your account occurs

Cyber – Safe Surf

  • When malware needs to be removed from your device
  • When costs are incurred for reinstalling the operating system
  • When your private data needs to be restored from a backup

We support you in every situation

Find out in the video which cyber risks we want to protect you against.
Cyber Protection FAQ
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our cyber protection for individuals.
Accident insurance

«Cyber – Prevention» helps you to prevent and best protect yourself against cyber attacks.

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Retirement Provisions

«Cyber – Safe Shop&Pay» and «Cyber – Safe Surf» provide protection against risks when shopping online or surfing the internet.

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Daily sickness allowance

Here you will find the terms and conditions for our cyber protection offering.

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