Sunrise, Zurich, and Bank Cler are supporting Swiss SMEs in cooperation with

Sunrise, Zurich, and Bank Cler are supporting Swiss SMEs in cooperation with is a new platform for SMEs that have had to close their doors during the coronavirus crisis. The principle is simple: Customers buy vouchers from businesses that are currently closed and redeem them once the crisis is over. After all, people will be keen to get their hair done and will look forward to visiting their favorite restaurant again. Bank Cler, Zurich and Sunrise are partners of this initiative. is an initiative of the Keen Innovation AG team and provides free online shops for SMEs that have previously not had an online presence. The aim is to encourage the businesses to develop an even stronger digital presence, something which helps them do. After registering, SMEs are automatically allocated an online shop where they can sell vouchers. This makes a quick and simple online presence possible without the need for any particular digital competence.

Mariateresa Vacalli (Bank Cler), Juan Beer (Zurich), and André Krause (Sunrise), the CEOs of the participating companies, support the initiative wholeheartedly: “We love the idea. We’re happy to raise awareness and help small businesses take that step into the digital world.”

The aim of the partnership is for as many consumers as possible to purchase vouchers from their favorite SMEs. Zurich, Sunrise, and Bank Cler are supporting with a range of measures: All three partners jointly provide start-up financing and recommend the new platform to their business and private customers within the scope of broad-based communication campaigns. In addition, Zurich, Sunrise and Bank Cler will contribute their expertise in the digital sector for SMEs and in marketing to

Thomas Leber, CEO of Keen Innovation AG, says: “We created in one week to generate opportunities within the current crisis. is not a commercially driven initiative. Our entire team would like to thank Zurich, Sunrise, and Bank Cler for their support.”

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