Thanks to Zurich, SMEs get a sustainability rating faster

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Thanks to Zurich, SMEs get a sustainability rating faster

When it comes to sustainability, there's a vast proliferation of confusing labels. The esg2go tool, which is supported by Zurich, is not only intended to set uniform standards, but also to reduce the effort for SMEs.
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Producing a sustainability report is time-consuming. The so-called ESG criteria, which must be set out in the report, not only include environmental (E) factors, but also social factors (S) as well as compliance with the rules of good corporate governance (G). Among other things, this also covers issues of risk management, occupational health and safety and social benefits, as well as precautions against corruption. 

For SMEs today, this effort is not really worthwhile. That is why the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CCRS) at the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) has developed esg2go with various partners: a rating and reporting tool specifically aimed at SMEs, which makes the work of preparing a sustainability report much easier for them. 

Development of the tool is also being supported by Zurich. "SMEs need fast, inexpensive and uncomplicated ways of professionally tackling the issue of sustainability. This is where esg2go can fill an important gap in reporting," says Marianne Hänggi, Head of Sustainability Zurich Switzerland.  

The rating platform allows SMEs to make their sustainability performance measurable and comparable. Companies have to enter the required data on their own, after which a sustainability report is automatically generated that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the various key areas.  

The information provided by the companies is verified by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, SQS. The esg2go label awarded by it is the guarantor for the correctness of the data collected, which in turn enables credible communication of the reporting.

Esg2go can fill an important gap in reporting.

Marianne Hänggi, Head Sustainability Zurich Switzerland

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