Fair retirement provision for all generations

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Fair retirement provision for all generations

Assets in the second pillar make up the greatest wealth component for most people in Switzerland. That is why Zurich is developing offers that ensure that the greatest possible proportion of the returns from these assets is passed on to the insured.

Life expectancy has increased considerably in recent decades. Fortunately, this means that people are able to enjoy life as pensioners for longer and longer. At the same time, retirement savings in pension funds have to last an ever-increasing period of time. After all, many employees want to be able to enjoy their retirement without any financial worries. 

A significant contribution here comes from occupational retirement provision in the 2nd pillar – for example in the case of Zurich and Vita. Zurich works together with the Vita collective foundations to ensure that people understand the 2nd pillar and know that Zurich and Vita are committed to fair, sustainable and flexible occupational retirement provision. We provide information about the unwanted redistribution and create transparency. In an annual study by renowned research institute Sotomo, Zurich and Vita are surveying how much people know about the 2nd pillar. . One this in clear: "The population is not aware of the importance of occupational retirement provision for their income in old age," says Michael Hermann, head of Sotomo. The fact is that for most people in Switzerland, retirement savings in the second pillar represent the largest asset component. 

For that reason, Zurich advises customers on the choice of a suitable pension solution and investment strategy, taking into account individual needs and risk capacity. So that the Swiss francs saved get to where they belong: with the insured. This is what Zurich and Vita understand by fair play in occupational retirement provision.

Only 57 per cent of the population consider their savings in the pension fund as their property.

Michael Hermann, head of the research institute Sotomo

"Do you think the redistribution of earnings from the employed to pensioners is fair?"