The commitment of the Z Zurich Foundation

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The commitment of the Z Zurich Foundation

Zurich recognizes the growing number of social challenges and makes a contribution worldwide, with its employees and the Z Zurich Foundation, to sustainable and inclusive societies and the prosperity of future generations.

About the Z Zurich Foundation

Zurich has set itself the goal of being one of the most responsible companies in the world. The Z Zurich Foundation is a key instrument in the corresponding implementation. The Z Zurich Foundation works with employees of the Zurich Insurance Group and other stakeholders, as well as with governments and non-governmental organizations, to create a future where people can thrive in the face of increasing climate threats, where those of us suffering from the stresses of life have the opportunity to speak out, and where the marginalized in our society can reach their full potential. 

The Z Zurich Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, which was founded by members of the Zurich Insurance Group. It is the main instrument with which the Zurich Insurance Group implements its global strategy for investing in communities. 

How the Z Zurich Foundation works

The Z Zurich Foundation supports local Zurich teams around the world to better promote individual and collective measures for local communities. In this regard, Zurich employees partner with local businesses, governments and NGOs to help make a big difference. 

Figures, data and facts

Facts and figures about the Foundation.

Z Zurich Foundation supports the Ombuds Office Children's Rights Switzerland

Until 2023, Zurich is supporting the Ombuds Office Children's Rights Switzerland together with the Z Zurich Foundation. The Ombuds Office is committed to making the legal system more child-friendly. It ensures that children receive the information they need about proceedings that affect them, so that they know their rights and can exercise them. 

Because children do not usually find their own way to the legal system, they are dependent on such an offer. The Ombuds Office helps each child exercise its rights to co-determination in matters involving them. 

In addition to contributions from Zurich and the Z Zurich Foundation, the private Ombuds Office is financed by voluntary contributions from the confederation and the cantons. In addition to this, Zurich employees support the Ombuds Office with volunteer work, as ambassadors, and also with fundraising activities.