Personal Accident Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum protection for you and your family, worldwide
  • Financial security in the event of loss of income
  • Financial support for long-term disability
  • In the event of death, Zurich supports the survivors in maintaining their usual standard of living
  • Students, children and young people enjoy lower premiums for accident insurance

Good to know

Payouts in the event of death or disability are not affected by benefits received from other insurers.

In detail

Personal accident insurance is worthwhile since it provides comprehensive protection in the event of accidents. Zurich Personal Accident Insurance is suitable as an enhancement to your mandatory accident insurance.

Medical expenses insurance for private individuals

  • Accommodation and treatment in a private ward
  • No limits in terms of indemnity or timing
  • You don’t pay a deductible
  • Free choice of physician and hospital in Switzerland
  • Pays for emergency transport, rescue and recovery costs, and search efforts up to CHF 20,000
  • You can include outpatient service in your policy

Wage compensation in the event of disability (daily sickness benefits insurance)

  • Compensation paid upward of 25% disability
  • Zurich extends your benefits accordingly for partial disability
  • Full compensation upward of 66.66% disability

Supplement for hospitalization and health resort stays

  • Hospital benefits for additional personal expenditure starting on the first day, with no time limit
  • Costs for home care personnel up to 50% of the insured hospital benefit, where this is done to avoid or cut short a stay in hospital

One-off capital payment for permanent disability

  • Income replacement
  • The amount paid out increases with the degree of disability (disability capital)
  • Financial support for remodeling homes or apartments to make them accessible for the disabled
  • Financial help with purchasing the necessary aids and appliances
  • Compensation for any care and support needed
  • Your choice of three benefit variants: Zurich pays up to 500% of the sum insured
  • Physicians (including dentists and veterinarians) can choose to insure higher benefits for a surcharge on their premium
  • In the event of death, the capital payment can be used as family care to safeguard credit, loans and mortgages

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