Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance

Coverage if you cause damage or injury to another person

Zurich will cover the costs if you cause damage to other people or their property – anywhere in the world. Family members in the same household travel more cheaply with a joint policy.

The whole family covered

Your kids are creative. How nice! However, it’s not so great if they choose the wall of the vacation apartment as their canvass. The fact is that damage caused by children is among the most frequent liability cases. So it's worth including all family members in your household in your insurance. Incidentally, family insurance also includes children living in the family home who are already working.

Your reward for claim-free years

Actually, you did not need any insurance. After all, one year followed another without you having to make a claim. It's great that you're so careful. We reward that. Your deductible is waived after three years. You might be glad of that some day. Should you suffer a mishap, at least it will not cost you anything.

Young adults get a discount of up to 30 percent.

You are young and you hardly worry at all about things that might happen to you? You're right not to. Enjoy life, but take out insurance – just in case. Young adults get full protection at the best price from Zurich. We offer a 30-percent premium discount to under 25s and 20 percent to under 30s.


  • Damage that you cause to other people and their property is covered.
  • If you wish, all those living in the same household are covered – the whole family, partners and housemates.
  • The deductible is waived after three claim-free years.
  • If you agree a no-claims bonus, you get 15 percent of the premiums back after three claim-free years.
  • Young adults up to 30 years of age get generous discounts.
  • If you already have a motor vehicle or life insurance policy with Zurich, you pay lower premiums.
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Basic insurance

  • Bodily injury: Someone is injured by you, suffers harm to their health or dies.
  • Property damage: You destroy someone else's property.

Attractive terms for young adults and families

  • Until your 25th birthday, you will benefit from a 30-percent premium discount.
  • If you are between 25 and 30 years old, we will give you a 20-percent premium discount.
  • If you already have motor vehicle or life insurance with Zurich, we will give you a discount of up to 10 percent on the total premium. 
  • If you remain claim-free for three years, you will get back 15 percent (if so agreed) of the premium paid and you will no longer pay a deductible.

Zupplementary insurance

  • Gross negligence waiver: We cover the costs of the damage, even if you are guilty of gross negligence – for example if you pass a red traffic light on your bike and cause an accident as a result, or if you cause a fire because you went to sleep with a lit cigarette.
  • Driving a third party's motor vehicle weighing up to 3.5 metric tons: If you occasionally drive an acquaintance's car or motorcycle, we will cover the damage that you cause them.

Exclusively from an insurance advisor

  • Find out about supplementary insurance for hunting, horse rental or a secondary occupation with a gross income of over 6,000 Swiss francs.
  • Teacher PLUS: Protect yourself, your students and your companions on excursions and at school camps.
  • Recourse protection for teachers and police officers: Insure yourself against the event that professional indemnity insurance will not meet a claim and your employer intends to make you liable to recourse.

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    young people

    Optimum protection for young adults

    Zurich offers you many advantages – especially if you are under 30. Key information at a glance:

    • Young adults benefit from a premium discount of up to 30 percent.
    • Drones up to 30 kilograms are automatically included.
    • The deductible is waived after three claim-free years.
    • With the "Gross negligence waiver" supplement, you receive the full insurance benefit in the event of damage caused through gross negligence.

    Fewer details What other customers ask

    Does the family personal liability insurance apply to children over the age of 18 who live in the same household?


    Does it make sense to take out household contents/personal liability insurance for roommates living in a shared apartment on an individual or collective basis?

    Since roommates in a shared apartment can always change (moving in and out), we always recommend that you take out household contents and private liability insurance on an individual basis. Otherwise, the person moving out no longer has any insurance coverage.

    Is damage caused by my pets also covered by personal liability insurance?

    Yes, as a pet owner, you are insured against damage caused by your pet at no extra cost. For tenant damage in particular, your cover does not include damage due to wear and tear (e.g. cat scratches on door posts).

    Is the personal liability insurance valid worldwide?


    Does this additional cover apply to damage to used third-party motor vehicles when abroad?

    The insurance is valid worldwide. Please be aware that this insurance is only valid up to a maximum usage of 25 days per calendar year. Rental motor vehicles are not insured. As such, we recommend that you take out travel insurance (assistance) with excess cover.

    of personal liability customers also take out contents insurance.
    of personal liability customers choose a sum insured of five million Swiss francs.
    of customers take out insurance online.

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