Insurance for rental cars and carsharing

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Insurance for rental cars and carsharing

With rental cars or sharing vehicles, incidents can be very expensive – in particular because the deductibles are high. With the "Rental and Sharing Vehicles" insurance you can be more relaxed on the road.

No deductible

No deductible

Avoid expensive surprises with your rental or shared vehicle: depending on the provider and the age of the driver, the deductible can quickly become expensive. A fender-bender can really hurt the wallet. Therefore, we cover your deductible up to CHF 5,000.

Repair costs

No repair costs

We will also cover repair costs of up to CHF 5,000 on your rental vehicle. We also cover damages which, according to the rental contract, the user must bear in all cases, such as the loss of the spare car key.

Deductible reduction

No expensive deductible reduction

Save on the expensive excess insurance when renting or sharing a vehicle worldwide and benefit from a reduction of your deductible to zero – at the annual price of less than CHF 88. 

Insurance benefits

Carefree and relaxed on the road with a rental car or sharing vehicle – without any hidden costs.

In detail

We will pay the following costs in the event of damage to a rented vehicle from a shared vehicle company or to a vehicle booked via a sharing platform for a fee:

  • contractually owed deductible
  • contractually owed costs for vehicle repairs
  • Invoiced breakdown assistance and towing costs

In addition to cars, rented motorcycles, boats and trailers are also covered.

All people living in the same household benefit from the insurance coverage, and this at a premium less than CHF 88 per year (including statutory charges such as stamp duties, any discounts such as a youth or combination discount are not included in this price). 

The coverage is valid worldwide.

What other customers ask

What costs are covered?

We cover the deductible, contractually owed vehicle repairs, breakdown and towing costs for Rental and Sharing Vehicles from commercial providers.

I can also reduce the deductible with the rental car company. What advantage does the insurance have?

Of course, you can do that. In most cases, the costs charged by rental car companies for reducing the deductible are very high, so it makes sense to take out the insurance for "Rental and Sharing Vehicles" and not to reduce the deductible with the rental car company for a rental lasting only a few days.

Who benefits from the insurance "Rental and Sharing Vehicles"?

Anyone who regularly rents a vehicle or books one via a sharing platform. This is because the deductible is often very high with these offers and a causing accidental damage can accordingly really hurt the wallet. And this is especially true for young drivers. Reducing the deductible directly with rental car companies and carsharing platforms is usually much more expensive than the annual premium of the "Rental and Sharing Vehicles" insurance. An additional benefit: With Zurich, the deductible is not only reduced, but is eliminated completely.

I would like to rent a boat. Is it also insured?

Indeed it is – in addition to cars, motorcycles and boats are also included in the insurance coverage.

We’re traveling on holiday with a rental car. I would like to take turns driving with my adult son. Do we need to take out the "Rental and Sharing Vehicles" insurance twice?

If your son still lives at home with you, you only need one insurance. Since all those who live with you in the same household or regularly return to it as weekly or weekend residents are automatically included in the insurance.

Does the "Rental and Sharing Vehicles" insurance also pay if I cause damage to a rental car in the USA?

Yes, the insurance is valid worldwide and offers you coverage during holiday trips accordingly.

Your service

We will be happy to advise you on our insurance for Rental and Sharing Vehicles.

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