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Dissolving a household

In the event of a separation or divorce, if you are moving out of a shared flat or are moving into a retirement home: If you are dissolving your household, you should check your insurance policies. This enables you to save premiums - and ensure that you always enjoy full protection.

Good to know

Pay less

Adjust your insurance to your new living situation. This may allow you to save money. For example, because you no longer need certain additional insurance.

Adjust your joint insurance

Couples often share the following insurance policies: household insurance (household contents and personal liability), legal protection insurance and travel insurance (Assistance). You should adjust these insurance policies after a separation.

Co-insured persons

With a joint insurance policy, someone is typically the policyholder. The other person(s) are also insured and enjoy equivalent protection.

Frequently asked questions about dissolving a household

If you are dissolving your home, there are a few things you should consider. In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Does the joint insurance coverage remain in force even if you no longer live together?

No, you should always adapt your household insurance to the new living conditions. Household insurance refers to household contents and personal liability insurance.

The personal liability insurance and the household contents insurance remain in force for the policyholder. The persons who no longer live with the policyholder must seek new insurance coverage. 

If no other persons, such as children, are involved, we recommend converting from family to individual personal liability insurance. As for the household contents insurance, the policyholder can probably reduce the sum insured. 

To check your insurance coverage, it is best to contact your Customer Consultant.

Do I still need household insurance if I move into a retirement home?

Even in a retirement home, you will have your own household effects, and maybe even valuables. We therefore recommend that you keep your household contents insurance and adapt the policy to the new situation. When you move into a retirement home, you will most likely reduce your household effects. You can therefore also reduce the sum insured of your household contents insurance accordingly. This way you will pay less in premiums. 

We also recommend that you keep your personal liability insurance. Because things can go wrong, even in a retirement home. For example, you are liable if you damage something belonging to a fellow resident.

In principle, we recommend checking the scope of coverage of all your insurances. It may be that certain additional insurances are no longer necessary. For example, travel insurance or insurance for damage to motor vehicles used.

What happens to a joint household insurance policy if one person dies?

In this case, we distinguish between whether the policyholder or the coinsured person dies.

The policyholder dies:

  • Household contents insurance: The personal belongings and thus also the household contents insurance pass to the heirs. They can cancel the household contents insurance.
  • Personal liability insurance: The insurance expires and the coinsured person must take out a new policy. If the policyholder was married to the coinsured person, the policy is transferred to the surviving spouse , who may reject it. 

The coinsured person dies:

  • Household contents insurance: If the household contents of the coinsured person are inherited by people who do not live in the joint household, these items are no longer insured. 
  • Personal liability insurance: The policyholder can have the joint insurance converted into an individual insurance.

Can a deceased person's policies be cancelled?

You do not have to actively cancel household contents and personal liability insurance. The household contents insurance is automatically transferred to the heirs upon the death of the policyholder. They can reject the transfer of the policy, whereupon the insurance will expire. The policyholder's personal liability insurance expires when he or she dies.

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