Legal Expenses Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Legal expenses insurer Orion, Zurich's reliable partner, provides you with coverage in the event of legal proceedings
  • Private legal expenses insurance also includes legal advice or the payment of attorney's fees
  • Pays court costs and legal proceedings costs
  • Includes the reimbursement of litigation costs to the other party
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More details

Good to know

  • Depending on the legal field, the legal expenses insurance is valid in Switzerland/the Principality of Liechtenstein in Europe or worldwide
  • Coverage up to CHF 600,000 (or CHF 10,000 for legal cases involving the ownership of land)


More details

Orion Personal Legal Protection Insurance offers the right coverage for individuals who want to protect themselves in case of legal disputes that do not relate to road traffic. Whether you are the person filing a legal claim or the accused – solution-oriented legal experts are here for you for for an annual premium from CHF 180 (Tariff for young), full price CHF 230.


Personal legal protection insurance covers the following

  • Non-contractual claims for property damage and bodily injury as well as any resulting pecuniary losses
  • Disputes arising with your landlord from your rental contract
  • Disputes with insurance companies including pension and health funds
  • Disputes relating to the ownership and possession of property (excluding real estate)
  • You are insured for criminal and administrative penalty proceeding if you break the law due to gross negligence
  • Disputes with employers
  • As a patient, you can file claims for damages against doctors and hospitals
  • Disputes arising from other contracts
  • Support from legal experts when filing a criminal complaint to enforce claims for damages
  • In addition, Orion provides once a year advice in matters relating to personal law, family law and inheritance law


Optional additional coverage

  • Legal protection for landlords
  • Additional properties/real estate



Personal legal protection insurance offers you legal protection for

  • Disputes affecting the insured person’s ownership of land
  • Disputes with neighbors
  • Disagreements arising from contracts for work and services


Consulting service

  • Our legal experts advise you on legal matters once a year
  • This service can be used for personal, family and inheritance matters
  • This service does not include consultations on matters of marriage law


Our advisory service

Protect yourself in case of personal legal proceedings. We would be glad to advise you.

Take out your legal expenses insurance directly with our distributor Orion.
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