Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance

The right insurance for building houses and apartments. A lot can happen in the time it takes to build a house: to the building itself, to the neighbors or when dealing with craftsmen. Zurich Construction Insurance offers comprehensive protection for all parties involved. Our construction-specific legal expenses insurance is unique in Switzerland.

Builder’s risk insurance – insurance for constructing your home

Sometimes the building pit collapses, or the concrete ceiling cracks, or you arrive on the site to find all the washbasins have been removed overnight. Zurich Builder’s Risk Insurance offers wide-ranging protection against these kinds of incidents – so you can complete construction of your new home on schedule.

  • This insurance covers all building activities and materials for your construction project, as well as the costs incurred due to cleanup, loss inspection, demolition and reconstruction work
  • In the event of a loss, Zurich will advance the liability insurer’s benefit – this means you don’t have to delay construction work and can avoid conflicts on the site
  • All parties involved in construction: principal, planner, contractor and craftsmen
  • Zurich offers flexible insurance concepts to suit your construction project and your needs
  • You can count on our professional construction and insurance experts
  • Loss or damage caused by construction accidents, vandalism and theft
  • If you are an HEV member you enjoy special conditions

By the way:

The premium for your construction insurance is calculated based on project size, sum insured, deductible, risk factors in the project and construction methods.

Principal's liability insurance – protection for principals

Wherever construction activity is happening, there may be slip-ups and accidents. A neighbor’s building might develop cracks or be otherwise damaged, or unrelated persons (e.g. children) could be involved in an accident. Principal’s liability insurance offers the necessary protection against these kinds of incidents.

  • Covers claims arising due to bodily injury and property damage, protecting you against the financial consequences
  • Also covers damage arising on a neighbor’s land as a result of construction work, even where you are not directly at fault (strict liability)
  • Liability insurance for principal's defends against unjustified claims
  • Support from lawyers who are experts in construction law in case of legal disputes
  • Ground-up coverage includes loss prevention costs and pure pecuniary losses up to CHF 100,000 each
  • If you are an HEV member you enjoy special conditions

By the way:

Our experts in construction and insurance review complex construction projects and make sure that you have the right insurance – so you can complete your project as planned.

Legal protection for principals and real estate buyers

Anyone who buys or builds a house or apartment for private use would do well to insure themselves against legal disputes with legal expenses insurance for principals and real estate buyers. After all, disagreements are not exactly uncommon. With Orion Legal Expenses Insurance, principals and real estate buyers can rest easy.

  • Legal expenses insurance supports you during legal disputes and pays any legal and court costs you incur
  • We put you in direct contact with lawyers and attorneys at Orion who can give a personal consultation by phone
  • Orion insurance coverage for principals is effective regardless of whether or not the construction project is subject to authorization
  • Disputes generated by builder’s liens are also insured (e.g. if you do not pay a craftsman’s full fee due to inadequate performance)
  • A maximum of CHF 250,000 is available to cover all legal cases that arise during the contract term

By the way:

Orion is the only insurer in Switzerland to offer this kind of legal expenses insurance for principals and real estate buyers.

Your consultation

Ensure that everything proceeds according to plan with the right insurance for your construction project. We would be glad to advise you.
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Protection for your home

Water damage, burglary, fire – building insurance helps protect you against financial risks.

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Personal liability

A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Private liability insurance gives you comprehensive, worldwide coverage.

No short falls given loss of income

Maintain your standard of living even after an illness or accident. Protect your income in the event that you become disabled. Zurich EmploymentRisk is just the right solution for this.