Natural hazards

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Zurich prevention of natural hazards

Protect your property against natural hazards

The Natural Hazards Radar

Switzerland has so many mountains, streams and valleys that it is often a matter of perspective whether a person considers a particular site beautiful or hazardous.

With the Zurich Natural Hazards Radar, you can conduct a solid site and property analysis. The radar is based on the federal and cantonal hazard maps. In addition, we provide concrete tips on how you can protect your property against natural hazards efficiently and cost effectively.

Many hazards can be avoided, for instance by carefully selecting a site at a higher elevation or by undertaking structural measures. Every franc you invest saves between six and ten Swiss francs in subsequent costs.



Buying a piece of real estate is often the decision of a lifetime. We provide concrete tips on how you can protect your property at minimal cost. Approaching natural hazards with foresight and awareness pays off – your whole life long.

Underlying data

The Zurich Natural Hazards Radar is based on the cantonal hazard maps and hazard index maps as well as the maps issued by the federal government (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN and Federal Office of Public Health FOPH). The data for the hail map was compiled by METEOTEST AG on behalf of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

The Zurich Natural Hazards Radar accesses a web service that has been developed exclusively for Zurich Insurance Company Ltd in collaboration with GEOTEST AG. GEOTEST AG operates and maintains this service, thereby ensuring that the underlying data is up to date. This ensures that the consulting expertise of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd and the natural hazards expertise of GEOTEST AG are kept strictly independent of one another, thereby allowing in turn for an independent technical assessment.

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Natural hazards of Switzerland

Storm damage

We are there for you in the event of an incident

Occurences of loss involving storms, flooding or hail give rise to many unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. Zurich supports you in every respect, quickly and simply.