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autoSense: an intelligent digital car passenger

Plug in the adapter, download the app and start leveraging your vehicle data. Zurich is giving you the autoSense adapter worth CHF 69 as a gift.



autoSense stands watch when you’re not around. The app will alert you if your car is damaged, and will easily find it via GPS if it is stolen.


Thanks to autoSense, you can fill up and park easily and contact-free. Simply with the app and not even a wallet.

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CO2 compensation

Easily compensate for the CO2 emissions of your vehicle using the autoSense app.

A premium digital experience for your car and smartphone

  • Cashless: Park and fill-up without a wallet or standing in line.
  • Vehicle localization: Find your car – wherever it may be parked or driven.
  • Uncomplicated assistance: Having a breakdown? Had an accident? Zurich professionals are waiting to help you. 
  • CO2 footprint: Compensate for your trips and support your favorite project at myclimate.
  • Driving behavior: autoSense notices abrupt braking and idling time, and incentivizes economical driving.
  • Vehicle diagnostics: autoSense records scheduled maintenance dates, system error codes and all other issues arising.
  • Trip logbook: Routes driven, trip times, fuel consumption ... autoSense records it all for you. 
  • Exclusive Partner Services: You can make a reservation to have your tires rotated, for example, directly with AMAG via the app. And new services are being added to the program all the time. 
  • Manipulation alarm: Receive immediate notification if someone tampers with your car.
  • Works in most cars made since 2001.

autoSense: It's this simple

Find out in this video how easily you can connect your vehicle to autoSense – and gain access to all of the app's services instantly.

autoSense: Added value for you

Filling up with fuel and parking with no coins and no queues – just two of the numerous services offered by autoSense. Find out in this video what our digital driving assistant can offer you.

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How autosense works

One Car, one adapter, one app – ready to go in just three steps:

  1. Order your adapter online for free right now
  2. Plug the adapter into the OBD-II port and download the app
  3. Connect the adapter with the app and benefit from many advantages

Questions frequently asked by customers

What is a partner service?

autoSense is continuously adding to its range of additional services to simplify and improve the use of your networked vehicle.
One of our partner services is the AMAG partner service. Using this free service is beneficial to you as a customer:
1. Safe driving: if you receive a critical error code while driving, the AMAG workshop will be notified and can contact you, to advise you how to continue your journey.
2. Setting appointments: book your next service or tire change directly via the app.
To use this service, you must consent to some of your data being shared with AMAG. This concerns the following:

  • Vehicle status information including error codes, fuel status and engine warning
  • Distance and time stamps for journeys
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

What does autoSense do with this customer data?

Customer data is handled in such a way that only the customers themselves have an overview of their vehicle data inside the app.

autoSense can present the customer with personalized offers. These
include services from autoSense itself as well as offers from partners. autoSense only passes data on to partners with the customer's express permission.

Who has access to user data?

Aside from the customers themselves, only autoSense has access to the data to facilitate use of the service.

Within the scope of activating partner services, the customers themselves can authorize individual partners to access relevant data for the rendering of partner services. This authorization can be revoked at any time by the customer.

Can multiple users access a single autoSense account?

The autoSense app is designed for an individual user. If two people use the same car, both must log in to a single account (same user name and password)
Other users such as service partners, which you find in your app, may only access data once you have expressly authorized such access.

CO2 compensation

You can compensate for the individual CO2 emissions of your vehicle easily and conveniently in the autoSense app and thus make a personal contribution to climate protection. Simply select the project you want to support at "Zurich Service" under the keyword "CO2 compensation". The amount needed for compensation is invested via myClimate in the climate protection project selected. Your driving performance is automatically collected for calculation of the CO2 compensation. 

Ordering an autoSense adapter: it's that easy

Do you want to get the autoSense adapter free of charge? Please download the autoSense app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Then click on the "Zurich" button in the start menu. This will enable you to take advantage of all benefits.
Google Play

Step 1 – Android

Scan this QR code to reach the Google Play Store.


Step 2

Please click on the "Zurich" button in the app's start menu. This enables you to register with us, get the adapter free of charge and take advantage of all benefits.

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Zurich MyWay

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An open vehicle ecosystem


The innovative start-up autoSense is a joint venture by Zurich, AMAG and Swisscom. New services offered by these companies are continuously being added to the Partner Network program, providing customers a top-notch portal for vehicle-related services.