MyWay – low-cost car insurance

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MyWay – low-cost car insurance

Ideal for infrequent drivers: You enjoy the protection offered by traditional car insurance but, aside from a basic fee, only pay for the kilometers you drive. You have a full overview of your costs and kilometers driven at all times in the app.

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Your benefits at a glance

Suited to your car usage: Switch to MyWay and discover the unique advantages for yourself.

Flexible and transparent

Monthly billing and cost control in real time via app.

Protection Car Digital

Optimum protection

You pay by the kilometer while still receiving round-the-clock protection.

Drive less - pay less

MyWay customers save up to CHF 400 premium per year.

How to save with MyWay

In addition to a basic fee, your monthly payment is based solely on the kilometers you have driven. This way your parked car is also insured around the clock.

Fabiola is 37 years old, drives a VW Polo 1.4 (year of construction 2016, value when new CHF 23'000) and has taken out partial casco insurance.

Premium per month
CHF 17 Monthly basic premium​
(250 km Kilometres driven​
6 Rp) Price / km​
CHF 32 premium
* For months in which you travel more than 1,000 kilometers, ​ each additional kilometer will be free.​
Public Transport
Only on the road at weekends? I.e. 3’000 km / Year​.
CHF 384 / Year *
Public Transport
A short trip somewhere every day?​ I.e. 5’000 km / Year​.
CHF 504 / Year *
Outdoor Landscapes, People
Going on holiday by car? I.e. 7’000 km / Year​.
CHF 624 / Year *
*All price examples (contributions rounded) are based on Fabiola's example.

Here's how MyWay works


  1. Take out insurance

    Calculate your premium and take out your MyWay cover directly online. 
  2. Setting up the app

    Download the app and activate MyWay inside 
  3. Plug in your adapter

    After taking out your insurance, you will receive an adapter that measures the kilometers you drive. It is simple to install in your car and link to the app. In the app you will find your kilometers driven, invoices and options for changing your insurance if needed.

Install and go​

What those insured with MyWay have to say


MyWay is exactly what I need, since I no longer drive my car very often. I only pay for what I drive and am still protected at all times.

Melanie, 65 


Insurance that is perfectly suited to my needs: driving infrequently, while still benefiting from first-class service.

Daniela, 52


I like the per-kilometer billing: thanks to the autoSense app I always have an overview of my costs.

Michael, 40

The new type of car insurance

MyWay offers the same coverage as classic insurance, but you pay per kilometer. At the same time, you have access to additional practical services via the app.

Full cost control

You can drive as much as you want without limits, but will only pay for a maximum of 1,000 kilometers per month.

It's easy to report a claim

Easy, in-app assistance without needing to search for documents.

Integrated roadside assistance

You can call Zurich roadside assistance directly in the app with the SOS button.

Zurich Help Point

The app enables you to quickly find help in your area.

Digital vehicle Assistant

Connected to your car via app.

Attractive partner services

Additional benefits alongside insurance: Fill up your tank without going to the cash register, pay for parking via app and much more.

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