Advent, Advent, a Christmas tree lights up

Advent, Advent, a Christmas tree lights up

When it's cold and dark outside, the light cast by candles and the smell of cookies make it feel really cozy inside. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy an Advent free from danger:

To make sure that Advent wreaths don't catch fire, no branches or decorative items should be left in dangerous proximity to the candles. Position the wreath so that children and pets cannot pull it down.

If you leave the room, put the candles out

Put all the candles out when you leave the room, even if just for a minute. After all, sometimes a short conversation with a neighbor can last a little longer. Even a tea light can trigger a house fire in unfavorable circumstances.

Place your Christmas tree in a stable stand, filled with water, and make sure that flammable objects, such as curtains, are not too close. Don't forget to water it, as a dry tree drops its needles more quickly – and burns like tinder. From January at the latest, the tree will, in any case, have dried out and will catch fire easily.

A bucket of water, a fire blanket or the fire brigade

Keep a bucket of water ready, just in case. Small fires, like a burning Advent wreath, can often be smothered using a fire blanket. If things become serious, alert the fire brigade immediately at 118.

Children and matches are an extremely dangerous combination. Keep all sources of ignition out of the reach of your offspring. Offer them the opportunity to realize their desire to experiment in an orderly setting, for example by enjoying winter fondue at an official fire site in the forest.

Merry Christmas!

Check your insurance coverage

Tenants can protect themselves against the consequences of fires through contents insurance offering sufficient cover. From time to time, check whether your sum insured is still right. People who own a house or apartment need additional insurance coverage. Personal liability insurance is important for everyone, particularly for families with children.

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