Zurich Help Point: relax while your car is being repaired

A car is parked in front of a Zurich Help Point

Zurich Help Point: relax while your car is being repaired

The customers at the Zurich Help Point are in an amazingly good mood. They've all experienced some damage but they don't have to organize the repairs themselves:
Zurich takes care of it – with a lifetime guarantee on the repair work. You also stay mobile during the repairs.

1. How does the Zurich Help Point Principle work?

Report your automobile claim online or call the service number 0800 80 80 80 and make an appointment at one of the 28 Zurich Help Points throughout Switzerland. In an emergency, you can contact us by phone 24/7. On site an expert vehicle inspector will assess your damage and suggest a repair method to you. If you are happy with everything, the automobile will be repaired at one of our 300 partner garages. Until you can pick it up again, you will stay mobile – thanks to a courtesy car or a voucher for a taxi or public transport.

2. How do I benefit when I use the Zurich Help Point?

You don’t need to coordinate your repair yourself, and can leave this job to us. Instead of making appointments or filling in forms, you are already mobile again – e.g. with your free courtesy car.

By the way: For each Zurich Help Point appointment booked online, we plant a tree seedling on the island of Borneo.

3. What will this service cost me?

For you as a Zurich customer or as the victim of an accident with a vehicle insured with Zurich, this service is free. We want to wow you with our service excellence. With our Help Point Plus option, you benefit from more favorable car insurance conditions if you have your vehicle repaired via our network .

4. Will my car be repaired directly at the Zurich Help Point?

No, the repairs are usually carried out at one of our 300 partner garages.

5. I don’t have a Zurich Help Point near me – how far will I have to drive?

Don’t worry, we assess your situation individually online or by phone and put you in touch with a good partner garage near you.

Ralph Echensperger
Ralph Echensperger

This is what the Head of Claims says at the Zurich Help Point

Head of Claims and Executive Management member Ralph Echensperger is convinced that the Zurich Help Point system offers great added value for customers: "With 28 Zurich Help Points and more than 300 partner garages, we are very close to our customers throughout Switzerland," he reports. In the event of a loss, many don't want organizational stress, but simply a good, straightforward solution. That's exactly what the Zurich Help Point offers: "The best thing to do in the event of a loss is just to drop by, and we'll take care of the rest."

6. I drive an electric car – can I also have this repaired at the Zurich Help Point?

Of course. We work with partner garages who specialize in electric cars.

7. Is the cheapest repair method automatically chosen?

This is not the case: We don't choose the cheapest, but rather the least invasive repair method for the vehicle and the environment. For rock damage, for example, it is often better not to replace the entire windshield. If the windshield is repaired instead of replaced, this has less impact on the car and is more environmentally friendly: Sustainability is an important concern at Zurich.

8. Will I be given an equivalent car as a courtesy vehicle?

Of course. Incidentally, the Zurich Help Point is also set up for special requests. If a customer only drives an automatic or needs a child safety seat, we also make that possible. When you pick it up, your car will be freshly vacuumed, cleaned and disinfected. In addition, we carry out a free safety check. The vehicle expert, for example, provides feedback if he or she notices something is wrong with the position of the headrests or the tire tread.

Pickup/collection service

If you don’t want to drive to the Zurich Help Point, we offer a pick-up/collection service for your car. It will be returned disinfected directly to your front door after the repair.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the repair?

Should you ever be dissatisfied, we will grant you a lifetime guarantee on all repairs via the Zurich Help Point. Having said that, we choose our repair partners carefully and are convinced of their quality: 9 out of 10 Zurich Help Point customers are so satisfied with our services that they would recommend Zurich to their friends and acquaintances.

10. Do I always have to have my car repaired at the Zurich Help Point?

It's up to you. You can, of course, also choose your usualgarage – they may be a Zurich Help Point partner anyway! However, if you chose the Help Point Plus option when taking out your car insurance, you grant permission for your damage to be dealt with via our Zurich Help Point network. You benefit from the excellent service and a reduced premium. 

11. How can I reschedule or cancel an existing appointment at the Help Point?

To reschedule or cancel your appointment at the Help Point, please click on the link in your confirmation email or call our claims service team on 0800 80 80 80
Help Point Customer
Hanspeter Denzler

Customer Story: Hanspeter Denzler

Monday morning at the Zurich Help Point in Dietlikon: Hanspeter Denzler is relaxing on the sofa in the foyer. With a steaming cup of coffee in front of him, he looks relaxed and happy. "A rock hit my windshield and damaged it. My car is being repaired on site. I can wait for it and even get a cup o' joe," he says happily. 

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