Car Insurance

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Car Insurance with the unique service

Our car insurance comes with the best service included as standard: We are always close by, with a free replacement vehicle and fast repairs, including life-long guarantee.
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Everything you need

With us, you get the best insurance coverage with many advantages.
Breakdown assistance
Partner garages

Safe driving is rewarded

Your deductible is reduced by 500 Swiss francs after three years without an accident. After a further three years it is reduced by another 500 Swiss francs.

Fast assistance

The Zurich Help Points will help you anywhere & anytime. And thanks to a free replacement car or public transport ticket, you are also immediately on the road again.

Premium protection

Your premium is no longer increased automatically after an event of a loss.

Benefits at a glance

  • Free traffic legal protection from Orion* for one year with every new Zurich car insurance policy
  • 100% new-value compensation until the 5th year of service with the purchase price protection
  • Cheaper vehicle damage premium with Help Point PLUS
  • Special tariff for eco-friendly cars
 Electric car battery charging Zurich E-Mobility Protect

Only with us – all-round protection for your electric car

Get exclusive coverage for your electric vehicle with Zurich

Insurance benefits

Third party liability, collision accidental damage or partial casco: Zurich delivers the optimum choice of solutions for your individual car insurance.
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Comprehensive cover or partial casco – which one do I need?

Repairing a damaged car can be really expensive: will partial casco suffice – or do I need comprehensive cover? And what exactly does that mean?
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Vehicle registration: the easy way

Before you drive off in your new car, you must register it with the Road Traffic Office. Our guide tells you how to do so without any problems.
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When you hear the crunch when shopping

If you’re in a hurry when you’re parking it’s so easy to overlook something. But who pays if things go wrong?
Woman is repairing a glass pane

Insure against glass damage

Zurich customers benefit from fast and uncomplicated service in the event of windshield damage by stone chips.
used car purchase

Five tips for buying a second-hand vehicle

Here you’ll find some useful tips to help you get it right first time when you buy second-hand.
Fire brigade in action

"Electric cars do not burn more often"

The fire risk of electric vehicles is often overestimated, according to the expert in the interview. What you nevertheless have to take into consideration.
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Well protected as a young driver

Licensed to drive at last! Here you can find all the important information about the topic of "Safety for young drivers" – so that you are covered should you encounter any problems.
A hailstorm.

When it's raining ice

Hailstones can cause terrible damage in the space of just a few minutes. The victims? Fruit trees, windowpanes and, primarily, cars.

Cyber attacks on the car

What hardly anyone knows is that not only computers but also cars can become the target of hackers' attacks.
Young woman attaches surfboard to the roof of the car

Damaged a borrowed car – what now?

Damaging a borrowed car can be expensive. You can get insurance for it: with additional private liability insurance coverage for "Driving third-party motor vehicles."
MetroSnap the concept car

The mobility of the future

Electric, modular, autonomous: three words that describe how we will travel in the future.
A car is parked in front of a Zurich Help Point

Relax thanks to the Zurich Help Point

Many customers are glad to have car repairs organized for them in the event of damage – via the Zurich Help Point.
Switch to electric car

An electric car: Is it worth it?

Electric engines are regarded as the propulsion system of the future – but is it worth switching over? The most important arguments.