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Preview of Me or You videos featuring ice hockey players from the national team

Me or you?

Who is the better driver? Who is the biggest heart-throb? We had the opportunity to ask the Swiss National Hockey Team some exciting questions.
Watch the video to see the National Team in a new light and get some insider stories and gossip.

Fiala Hischier

Fiala & Hischier

Fiala & Hischier

Scherwey & Haas

centimeters is the height of the puck
million viewers watched the Swiss national team win silver
kilograms is the weight of the equipment a national ice hockey goalie has to wear
is the average number of sticks an ice hockey player uses every season
km/h is the speed at which a puck can travel when shot
calories is the number a Swiss national team player burns in about 15 minutes on the ice

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