Corporate and Private Cyber Protection

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Corporate and Private Cyber Protection

Zurich strengthens society's trust in digitalization and offers companies and private individuals protection against damage related to IT and the Internet. Zurich enables effective prevention and support through expertise and payments in the event of a loss.
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Hacker attacks are experienced every day in Switzerland. The Swiss Confederation's National Cyber Security Center has registered a steadily increasing number of reported cases in recent years. However, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher. Attacks are also on the rise worldwide. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as private individuals are popular victims for cyber criminals. They often have fewer protective measures in place than large organizations. To ensure SMEs can make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalization in a rapidly changing world, Zurich provides support with prevention and offers suitable insurance coverage

Something that is very decisive for one's own security, in addition to the regular backup of data and the sensitization of employees, is fast, professional action in the event of an attack. Zurich, in cooperation with partners, enables SMEs to identify and eliminate IT vulnerabilities. 

For private individuals, Zurich ensures, among other things, that malware is removed after an attack and that programs and data from a backup can be used again, if the appropriate insurance coverage has been selected. Zurich also provides protection in the event of fraud and fraudulent access to your bank account or bank cards.