Zurich Cyber Insurance

Cyber incidents: what you should know

Every fourth Swiss SME has already been affected by a cyber incident.
SMEs in general are often an attractive target for hackers because they invest less in their IT security.
Might your company be affected too?

How do hackers attack firms?

Blocking of IT:
so-called ransomware.

Data theft:
customer data is particularly valuable for hackers.

Denial of service:
communication systems are overwhelmed and service is denied.

Cyber fraud:
hackers entice employees to transfer money in order to enrich themselves.

Which companies are affected?

Cyber risks are a hazard for companies if they:

Carry out daily communication activities and office work on computers.

Process confidential data, e.g. health data or payment transactions for customers.

Are dependent on platforms (booking, e-commerce).

Manage their production, logistics or distribution chain automatically.

What might the cost be for my company?

Costs for the IT expert who restores the data and systems.

Ongoing operating costs (salaries, rent) in the event of a business interruption.

Compensation and defense against unjustified claims, e.g. in connection with the loss, theft or publication of confidential data.

Financial damage due to acts of deception (social engineering), ransom demands or the hacking of e-banking accounts.

How Zurich Cyber Insurance helps you

Our prevention

We help you to better understand your risks and so to protect yourself against cyber attacks:

  • Cyber security training without added costs: raise awareness regularly among your employees about cyber threats.
  • Risk assessment on preferential terms: Our partner firm can detect weak points relating to security and eliminate them.

Your insurance coverage

Some risk remains even with the best security measures: that's why it is important to be well insured.

  • Clear and simple coverage: you understand what is insured.
  • From basic to premium protection: you choose the package that best suits you.
  • Our expert support in the event of a loss
  • In an emergency, we are here for you around the clock with the right experts.

24/7 cyber hotline

  • During office hours, specialized Zurich employees take care of your case. At night and at the weekend, our IT partner Compass Security looks after you in the event of a loss.
  • More than IT:
    We also have the right partners to provide you with expert further assistance in the event of legal issues or if your reputation is at stake.
  • You have the choice:
    you can decide for yourself whether you wish to appoint an IT service provider that you trust to rectify the damage or whether you want to take advantage of the Zurich network.

Summary of benefits

From light to an all-round carefree premium protection:
four insurance packages are available for you to choose from.
A man watches a cyber insurance video on his laptop.

An overview of key information

Would you like to find out more about cyber insurance? Learn more about it in the video or request a consultation.

Prevention: greater protection thanks to cyber security training

People are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security. This is where Zurich comes in, with cyber security training from SoSafe. 

  • No additional costs for Zurich customers
  • Can be used at any time
  • Five modules (duration approx. 1h)
  • Raising awareness with regard to the safe use of emails, passwords, the Internet and data
  • Phishing simulation with 12 fake phishing emails
  • Tracking of results

Are you already a Zurich Cyber Insurance customer? You will find your personal access code on your policy. You can use this to register for free.

Well informed, better protected

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