Zurich promotes sustainable commuting for employees

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Zurich promotes sustainable commuting for employees

Our employees play an important role in reducing emissions - be it thanks to the promotion of travel by public transport, by avoiding business flights whenever and wherever possible, or through less commuting thanks to home office.
Charging an electric car

Sustainability is one of the most important strategic priorities for Zurich Switzerland, which is why various measures have also been introduced with regard to commuter traffic. 

For example, we provide financial support to employees who commute to work by public transport. 

What's more, the FlexWork regulation, which promotes optimum compatibility between professional requirements and personal preferences, contributes towards reducing emissions thanks to enormous flexibility when it comes to the location-based organization of work. 

In addition to this, Zurich Switzerland has continuously optimized its vehicle fleet in recent years and plans to be on the road exclusively with electric vehicles by 2025. 

This endeavor is also supported by the Zurich Z Volt initiative launched at the beginning of this year, one of the largest charging network infrastructures in Switzerland with one standard price. 

And last but not least, sustainability is also firmly anchored in Zurich's Business Travel Policy. From 2022, we aim to permanently reduce our internally generated flight emissions worldwide by 70 per cent compared to 2019. 

Our employees should only travel when it is absolutely necessary for business and virtual alternatives are not suitable. In such cases, it is preferable to use public transport with a low environmental impact.