Immobilienversicherung für Unternehmen

Exterior of a building.

Insurance for Large Properties

Secure real estate against risk: Whether in a commercially-used property or multi-family house - damage to real estate can result in major financial losses. Zurich property insurance provides you with the best protection for your real estate.

Benefits at a glance

  • «All Risks» gives your company building the best protection
  • Your property is insured at its new replacement value
  • Supplement your property insurance with cover for loss of rental income, building liability, or earthquake
  • Insure the surroundings too, such as gardens or parking facilities
  • For SMEs: insure your business inventory, revenue and additional insurance, such as transport, machinery or cyber products, in one compact policy
  • If you are a private individual and a member of the HEV, you also receive a 10% premium discount from Zurich for your business premises

More details

Basic insurance

  • for your building 
  • for your business inventories, such as goods and equipment 
  • for third-party property, visitors’ personal effects, items of monetary value and outdoor property items
  • for owned and third-party motor vehicles not covered under a separate car insurance policy
  • damage resulting from fire, for example conflagration, smoke, lightning strike or explosion
  • damage resulting from natural hazards, for example inundation, floods, storms or hail
  • Damage from water, for example, if liquid leaks from pipes, systems or containers or freezes
  • damage resulting from break-in; when someone forcibly enters your home
  • All Risks supplemental insurance coverage of everything that is not explicitly excluded
  • We also cover necessary follow-up costs and resulting lost income (for example, in case of fire) are also covered
  • Loss or damage due to breakage in building glazing, glass-like materials (e.g. Plexiglas), signs, wall and floor panels and sanitary apparatus

Supplementary insurance

You can add on the following supplemental coverage options in modular fashion as required:

  • Standard domestic installations: Insurance coverage for elevators, heating and air systems and other technical building systems
  • Earthquakes: We pay compensation for damage caused by earthquake, in supplement to benefits paid by cantonal building insurers as applicable
  • Building liability: Protect yourself against liability claims as building owner

In addition, for companies:

  • Simple theft: When something is stolen from you without any indication of a break-in 
  • Cyber risks: Zurich covers system and data recovery costs necessary following cyber attacks and virus incidents
  • Epidemics: Business closure and destruction of goods by official order (epidemic risk) and spoilage of goods in refrigerated containers due to technical defect or power failure
  • Office electronics: Laptops, PCs, printers – day-to-day office operations involve a lot of technical equipment
  • Machinery: All-round protection for your company’s machines and technical systems
  • Transport: Protect your transported cargo against damage and loss 

Questions frequently asked by customers

What all can I have covered under property insurance?

  • Real estate used commercially, such as factory and office buildings and multi-family housing
  • Business inventories, such as furniture, equipment and warehouse stock
  • Technical equipment such as computers, machines, heating systems and elevators
  • Income generated by your company, and also rental income
  • Costs incurred as a result of damage, such as for cleanup work

What is included in the basic insurance coverage?

Insure specific classic risks like fire and weather damage, theft, water damage and glass breakage, or go with All Risks insurance for comprehensive coverage including all classic risks.

What is ‘All Risks’ about?

All Risks insurance affords the best protection for SMEs. This means that everything not explicitly excluded is covered, including even damage caused by little accidents alongside fire, water damage and break-in insurance, for example.

Isn’t comprehensive coverage far too expensive?

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that All Risks comes at a modest extra charge but affords major benefits.

What supplemental modules can I add on to the property insurance?

You can add on the following supplemental coverage options in modular fashion as required: simple theft, cyber risks, medical technology, epidemics, earthquakes, office electronics, machinery, technical building systems, transport and building liability.

What do I do if I have a claim?

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will immediately help you with your claim so you can be back for your customers as quickly as possible. We not only pay for direct damage/losses, but also cleanup costs and any replacement facilities. By request we will even arrange for a specialist to replace a door after a break-in, set up a drying machine after flooding or provide other relevant services.

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Protection against payment defaults

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