Property insurance for companies

Property insurance

Property insurance for companies

Everything in a single policy: Cover your business inventory, buildings and earnings in the event of losses or damage – either specifically against individual risks or globally with all-risks cover.

Our protection for you

Unforeseeable events, such as fires, can damage goods and lead to an operational loss. We protect you against the financial consequences.

All-risks option

Covers your company's assets against all damages not explicitly excluded, including accidental damage.


Can be expanded flexibly

Depending on the industry and requirements, can be combined with modules such as cyber, electronics/IT, machines or transport.

All in one insurance policy

Protection for building, business inventory and earnings as well as  additional industry-specific coverage in one complete package.

Basic coverage

Put together your insurance coverage to fit the individual needs of your company.

What would you like to insure?

  • Business inventory, such as goods and movable properties and equipments 
  • Buildings and loss of rental income
  • Third-party property, cash assets and property located outdoors
  • Own and third-party motor vehicles
  • Loss of earnings and additional costs in the event of a business interruption
  • Follow-up costs, such as cost of reinstatement or clean-up

What risks do you want to insure?

All-risk coverage: all risks are insured except those that are explicitly excluded


Individually insurable risks: Covers certain risks (fire, natural hazard damage, theft, water, glass breakage)

Supplementary modules

Supplement your basic coverage with the following modules according to requirements:

Property insurance explained in simple terms

Key information at a glance – including examples of claims.

More details

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Our added value for your safety

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WALDIS Safes offers you the optimal security solution for your important documents and valuable objects.

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Securitas Direct

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Prevention of natural hazards

Our natural hazard radar shows potential risks, such as earthquakes or flooding, for your location.

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Theft – universally well protected

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