Real Estate Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Your property is insured at its new replacement value
  • Individual insurance solution with basic and supplementary insurance for your buildings
  • Zurich claims management is there for you free of charge, 24 hours a day – call 0800 80 80 80
  • New building discount during the first year of insurance for water damage
  • Green bonus of up to 50% for technical building systems using renewable energy
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Good to know

  • Cantonal building insurance: most cantons require property owners to insure their real estate with cantonal building insurers against damage by fire and natural hazards. This does not apply to the cantons AI, GE, OW, SZ, TI, UR, VS and GL, where Zurich Real Estate Insurance is especially suitable
  • If you are a private individual and a member of the Swiss Homeowner Association (HEV Schweiz), you also receive a 10% premium discount from Zurich for your business premises

In detail

When you own real estate, you are exposed to various risks such as water damage or loss of income. Zurich Real Estate Insurance comprises different product components. Choose the basic coverage and supplemental options that you need and protect yourself against financial losses. Your property is insured at its new replacement value.

Real estate insurance is valid for the following types of property

  • Multi-dwelling units
  • Properties used for commercial and industrial purposes

Optional risk coverage in basic real estate insurance

  • Fire or natural hazards such as smoke, lightning or explosion
  • Damage caused by water, liquids and gases, frost, backlog and rain water
  • Damage to building glass, to glass-like materials (e.g. Plexiglas), to signage, to wall or floor panels, to sanitary equipment
  • Third-party liability claims for bodily injury and property damage (building liability)

Optional supplementary coverage in real estate insurance

  • Operating damage to technical building systems (e.g. heating, heat pumps, lighting installations); with up to 50% green bonus on your premium if these systems use renewable energies
  • Search, exposure and repair costs for pipes
  • Flat-rate cost package, e.g. for artistic and historical assets
  • Earthquake damage and malicious damage caused by persons, including graffiti damage
  • Costs of changing locks, damage caused by animals, rental income

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Protect your valuable systems with insurance for solar power systems, geothermal probes and heat pumps.

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Whether contractor’s liability or suretyship: insurance from Zurich offers security and trust in business agreements.