Security deposit insurance

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Security deposit insurance

For greater financial leeway: Security deposit insurance guarantees your security deposit. So you don't have to deposit money in a blocked account at a bank.

Take out online Acquire a guarantee in just a few minutes

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Financial flexibility

Instead of a deposit, you pay only the insurance premium. Zurich guarantees your deposit for the landlord. This leaves you with more money for moving or furnishings.

Can be concluded online

You can take out security deposit insurance from Zurich directly online with just a few clicks – right here on our website and without any waiting period.


Financial flexibility

Thanks to the security deposit guarantee for residential accommodation from Zurich, it is no longer necessary to deposit 3 months' rent. The amount can be used to buy other things.

How does the security deposit insurance work?

1. Taking out insurance
At Zurich, you can take out your security deposit insurance directly online in just a few minutes.

2. Guarantee certificate
Zurich issues a guarantee proving that we cover the security deposit.

3. Compensation in the event of a loss
We pay justified claims from the landlord after legal examination. The tenant must later repay these costs to Zurich.

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