Boat Insurance

Zurich Watercraft Insurance will protect you and your boat.

Everything you need

Protected against financial consequences

Select your sum insured for third party liability – up to CHF 10 million per event. Giving you security if something goes awry.


Keep calm in the event of a loss

If you choose a comprehensive cover without a premium scale system, your premium will not be automatically increased in the event of a loss.


Something went wrong – however, you are covered

Gross negligence is automatically included – in third party liability as well as in comprehensive cover.

Benefits at a glance

  • Third party liability without deductible
  • Internal club sailing regattas are also included with no additional premium
  • Insurance can be extended to coastal waters
  • 100% new value compensation up to 4th year of operation in the case of total loss
  • Accident insurance for all passengers, including water skiers
  • Costs required for the salvaging, towing and transporting up to the amount of compensation for total damage are also insured in accidental damage

Insurance benefits

With us, you can put together your boat insurance to suit your individual needs.

Third party liability


  • For motor boats or sailboats with a sailing surface above 15 square meters, third party liability insurance is required by law
  • Insurance covers property damage and bodily injury that the owners, keepers, drivers as well as users, crew members and any water skiers drawn by the boat cause to third parties
  • We defend you against unjustified claims by third parties
  • Sum insured up to 10 million Swiss francs per event can be selected in third party liability
  • Gross negligence cover is automatically included; Zurich will not request reimbursement from you for the costs of a claim resulting from gross negligence (exceptions: alcohol, driving while impaired, speeding)
  • Claims asserted against the insured party made by persons being towed (e.g. water skiers) can be covered as an option. The comprehensive cover offers you an optimum protection for you and your boat:

Comprehensive cover

 The comprehensive cover offers you an optimum protection for you and your boat:

  • Comprehensive cover provides coverage for damage to the boat caused by forcible damage, in particular by impact, collision, stranding buts also covers damage due to wind pressure (gusts), capsizing, sinking 
  • In the event of a total loss, you will receive 100 percent new value compensation up to 4th year of operation
  • Gross negligence cover is automatically included; Zurich will not reduce the benefits in case of collision due to gross negligence (exceptions: alcohol, driving while impaired, speeding)
  • Damage listed under partial casco and damage caused by natural hazards on land and water are also insured.

Partial casco

  • With partial casco your boat is insured against theft, fire broken glass and damage caused by natural hazards on land (e. g. damage due to storms, hail, high water, flooding, snow slides, falling ice, snow pressure).

Suppelementary coverage

  • The insurance coverage can be extended to European coastal waters for yachts at high sea under Swiss flag, liability insurance can be extended to zone B (high seas of Western Europe) or zone C (high seas worldwide)
  • The use of the boat for sailing regattas external to the club can be included in accidental damage insurance
  • Loose accessories and personal belongings transported by passengers are covered up to the agreed sum insured, if they are damaged together with the boat or are stolen from the boat. Personal belongings also include electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, or navigation devices), merchandise, and items required for the execution of your profession) 
  • In partial casco, the coverage for damage caused by natural hazards in the case of a boat lying idle on water, can be included.


  • Zurich Accident Insurance protects all persons on board, drawn persons and helpers assisting at accidents against the potential financial consequences of accidents
  • The insurance provides benefits in the event of death, disability or temporary inability to work, and pays a daily hospital benefit during your hospital stay 
  • The insurance also covers medical expenses within the five years following the day of the accident. If you require an inpatient hospital stay, the coverage also includes a private ward
  • Benefits are paid immediately following an accident, even if fault has yet to be determined
  • It also covers medical expenses up to CHF 5,000 if transported pets are injured in the boat.

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