Roadside Assistance: Stay mobile in an emergency

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Roadside assistance

Stay mobile in an emergency: Roadside assistance will keep you mobile. Roadside assistance is a module in our Zurich Relax Assistance.


Europe-wide protection

The roadside assistance is valid for motor vehicles (up to 3,500 kg total weight) as well as bicycles, mopeds and e-bikes in Europe.

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Insurance coverage in third party vehicles

It is also valid for vehicles that do not belong to you, but that you are driving (as long as these are registered in CH/FL).


Stay mobile – with roadside assistance

We assume additional costs of up to CHF 5,000 if the motor vehicle can no longer be used.

Benefits at a glance

  • You can insure all persons living in the same house­hold and their vehicles
  • You can also count on our roadside assistance when you drive private third-party vehicles
  • Your insurance advisor can add a mobile home weighing more than 3,500 kg up to 9,000 kg to your insurance coverage
  • Zurich helps with motor vehicle breakdowns (incl. lost keys, fuel break­downs) and accidental damage (incl. collision, fire damage)
  • Roadside assistance for bicycles, mopeds and e-bikes is also covered
  • Your free 24-hour service line in the event of a loss in Switzerland is 0800 80 80 80; dial +41 44 628 98 98 from anywhere else in the world

Insurance benefits

Zurich is there for you when you need us – in Switzerland and abroad.

More details

Roadside assistance is a module in the Zurich Relax Assistance and is also available separately. In the event of a breakdown and accidental damage (incl. collision, damage caused by natural hazards, theft) we deliver the following benefits:

  • Organization and costs of local roadside assistance, including replacing small parts
  • Recovery costs up to CHF 2,000 are insured
  • Costs of towing your vehicle to the nearest garage able to carry out the repairs
  • A replacement car while yours is being repaired, plus the costs of accommodation, onward or return travel combined up to a total of CHF 5,000

Insured Motor Vehicles

  • Motor vehicles of up to 3,500 kg (Basic variant)
  • Mobile homes of between 3,500 kg and 9,000 kg total weight (Plus variant exclusively available from your insurance advisor)
  • Trailers pulled by insured motor vehicles

Roadside Assistance for Bicycles, Mopeds and E-Bikes

In the event of unfitness to ride due to a technical defect or accident and theft we provide the following benefits:

  • Organization and assumption of costs of breakdown assistance
  • Assumption of costs for accommodation, self-organized onward or return travel up to CHF 1,000

Our advisory service

Zurich Roadside Assistance gives you the best protection and keeps you mobile. We would be glad to advise you.
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