Protection worldwide with Zurich Relax Assistance travel insurance

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Protection worldwide with Zurich Relax Assistance travel insurance

Your luggage does not appear on the conveyor belt, you have an accident during the journey, or don't even get started due to illness: Breakdowns and emergencies can quickly disrupt holidays. It's a good thing that Zurich Relax Assistance travel insurance can help out in such cases.
You want to go on holiday soon, but don't know how to cover yourself for the holidays? Read our Relax Assistance travel insurance case studies to get a better idea.

This is what it's about: Zurich Relax Assistance travel insurance

The travel insurance from Zurich is an insurance solution that helps you in emergency situations worldwide. Relax Assistance is available in six different packages, which have different benefits.

Overview of packages

The basic insurance includes "Cancellation costs", "Travel insurance" and "Alternative travel". If required, you can supplement this basic insurance with the benefits "Roadside assistance", "Travel legal protection abroad" and "Luggage and luggage delays". You can also take out the "Roadside assistance" and "Cancellation costs" packages individually. You can read about which insurance coverage applies and when in our case studies.

  Cancellation costs Travel insurance Alternative travel Roadside assistance Travel legal protection abroad Luggage and luggage late delivery
Basic  x  x  x      Optional
Basic and legal protection  x  x  x    x  Optional
Basic and roadside assistance  x  x  x  x    Optional
Basic and roadside assistance and legal protection  x  x  x  x  Optional
Roadside assistance        x    Optional
Cancellation costs  x          Optional

Case study 1: Trip postponed due to illness

Jasmin has booked a flight to Lima for herself and her whole family. However, due to a positive PCR test, the family cannot take their flight to Peru as planned. They have to postpone the departure for a fortnight because of COVID-19.

Fortunately, Jasmin has taken out the "Cancellation costs" package for herself and her family. This allows Jasmin to change her flight at no extra cost. Even the hotels they had already booked can be updated to the new dates at no extra cost. 

"Cancellation costs": We pay the costs incurred if you do not start a booked trip or start it late. You can read which events are insured in our insurance conditions. We will also refund the price of your ticket if the airline has to file for insolvency and can no longer operate the flights. 

Case study 2: Serious accident during the journey

Four weeks after his arrival in Vietnam, Patrick has an accident on a scooter. He suffers several fractures and needs to be operated on in a clinic in Hanoi. In this case, the costs for this are covered by his employer's accident insurance. After his condition has stabilized, he is flown back to Switzerland for further treatment. Zurich is taking care of the organization and financing of his return journey. This is because the "Basic" package includes the following services in addition to "Cancellation costs" cover:

"Travel insurance": We will take care of your return journey if you are forced to cut short your trip due to a serious accident or illness.

"Alternative travel": Are the required treatment options not available locally? If you need to return home for medical reasons, we will cover the cost of arrangements you paid for before the trip.

Case study 3: Luggage arrives late

Tina and Sofia have been standing at the luggage conveyor belt at Porto airport for over an hour. There's no sign of Tina's backpack. An airport employee finally gives them the bad news that the backpack was mistakenly flown to Rio de Janeiro. Tina is forced to buy new clothes and toiletries for the next few days. Although this annoys her, she is not worried because she has included "Luggage and luggage delays" cover in her basic insurance policy.

"Luggage and luggage delays": If your luggage arrives late, you can buy the necessary replacement items for a certain amount. If your luggage or a specific item is stolen, we will cover the costs. We will also pay if your luggage is damaged or destroyed. 

Case study 4: Accident prevents ongoing travel

Fabian and Luca wanted to drive their own car from Switzerland to a neighboring country. Shortly after the two cross the border into Italy, they collide with another vehicle. Fabian and Luca's car suffers a total loss and has to be towed away. Fortunately, all those involved are uninjured. Unfortunately, the driver of the other vehicle claims that the two boys caused the accident because they ran a stop sign. However, this is not true. Fortunately, the two have taken out "Basic and roadside assistance and legal protection" insurance. This includes the following coverage in addition to the basic cover:

"Roadside assistance": We organize immediate measures if your vehicle stops due to a breakdown or other damage. We offer a towing service and have your vehicle taken to the nearest garage. To get you back on the road quickly, we will also take care of a replacement vehicle or another alternative. 

"International travel legal protection": We cover the costs of criminal proceedings if you are accused of something, even though you are innocent.

How much protection do you need?

And what about you? What risks do you want to cover? From the six different packages, choose the one that best suits your needs. This way you only pay for what you really need.

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