Zurich LifeRisk

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Protection for loved ones

People with families have special responsibilities – including financial protection in case of unexpected death. Zurich LifeRisk protects your family, partner or loved ones against financial shortfalls.

Everything you need

With us, you get the best insurance coverage with many advantages.


Do you enjoy good health? Then your wallet will be happy as well: we offer particularly attractive premiums for non-smokers.


Your risk coverage either remains constant or declines over time. You can insure two people or only yourself. You decide, we're flexible.

Benefit now

All new applications for risk life insurance made between July 1 and December 31 will receive a 50% discount on the first annual premium.

Benefits at a glance

  • Life insurance in case of death: financial security for your loved ones in the event that you die while still of working age
  • With life insurance protection, you define the amounts paid out according to your family’s needs
  • Zurich will pay your premiums in the event of disability
  • You save tax: this term life insurance is subject to tax relief as part of pillar 3a

More details

Zurich LifeRisk helps you protect your family and business partners against financial shortfalls in the event of your death while still of working age. Your family's livelihood and your children's education are secured.
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