Make smart provisions and invest sustainably

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Make smart provisions and invest sustainably

Smart retirement provision pays off either way. Those who are looking for optimal financial retirement provision while, at the same time, wanting to do their part for an intact environment, invest their pension funds in a sustainable way. Green investments are effective instruments when it comes to climate protection, and they also stand out with attractive returns.
High time to rethink our own actions, because the topic of sustainability is here to stay. Climate protection is one of the greatest challenges of our time. If the entire population of the world were to live according to the standard of living and resource consumption of the USA, it would require a total of five Earths, according to the "National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts 2021". Other countries with a high ecological footprint in global comparisons are: Australia, Russia, France and Germany. What about Switzerland? Currently, our standard of living consumes about 2.8 Earths. What is an ecological footprint though, anyway? Every human being leaves one behind. This provides information on how many greenhouse gases a person emits through their lifestyle. How large one's own ecological footprint is therefore depends on one's behavior: from the diet and consumer behavior to the way we get around and live.

Sustainability starts in everyday life

By adapting our investment behavior, we help to keep the earth livable for the next generations. Because investments also cause CO2 emissions: If investments continue to be made as before, this will result in 68 tons of CO2 per million US dollars invested. Sustainable investments are effective instruments when it comes to climate protection. If more money flows into environmentally aware companies, this will have a positive effect on our climate. So, if you want to optimize your ecological footprint, you can invest your pension fund assets in a climate-friendly way. The money will then be invested in companies that care for the environment. The demand for such sustainable investments and retirement products is increasing. According to recent surveys, two thirds of the Swiss want to invest their pension fund assets sustainably. With sustainable retirement provision, you are not only investing in your own future, but also in the future of the Earth.

Investing sustainably – Retirement provision with a clear conscience

You attach importance to your retirement provision and want to continue to do so in the future with a focus on sustainability: With the two new investment vehicles, the "ZIF Green Bond Global" and "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund", your pension fund assets are invested in a sustainable way. The investment vehicles, which are consistently geared towards sustainability, are used in the Target Investment Funds (TIF) in all Zurich Invest investment solutions and in most investment plans for single life insurance policies. Depending on the investment strategy, your funds are invested with different weightings in green bonds and carbon neutral equity: 

  • with your unit-linked life insurance, which combines investing with the protection of an insurance policy. 
  • with your unit-linked 3a retirement provision account, which combines self-determined investments with sustainability and tax benefits. 

With the new "ZIF Green Bond Global" and "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund" investment vehicles, the next step towards sustainability is taken. These are intended to make a tangible contribution towards the Paris Climate Agreement. Step by step, an even stronger focus is being placed on sustainability when choosing the range of funds on offer. Over the next months and years, the individual funds will be looked at in detail and reviewed for their climate risks. The declared goal of the Zurich Insurance Group is to have emission-free equity, bond and real estate portfolios by 2050. To this end, ESG criteria are consistently integrated during the investment process. And impact-oriented investments are made; in projects that have a positive impact on sustainable development, for example, in the area of renewable energies. And what about the return on investments? According to various studies that have been carried out, security and returns are even improved in some cases when attention ESG criteria are taken into consideration. So green investments have some interesting aspects, they are effective instruments in climate protection and stand out thanks to attractive returns.

"Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund"

With the "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund", you invest in forward-looking companies that are bringing about change in the field of clean technologies, for example, in electromobility. The fund actively targets companies that are reducing fossil fuel consumption, such as Apple, Tesla or Schneider Electric. The "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund" consists of two components - it combines a low-carbon investment strategy with carbon offsetting. The ESG benchmark index, the MSCI World Climate Paris Aligned Index (parent index), focuses on climate protection and is aligned with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. This benchmark index change alone will achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. This corresponds to a CO2 reduction of approximately 68 tons to around 9 tons. The remaining 9 tons up to climate neutrality will be offset using emission reduction certificates: With these certificates we are supporting the Rimba Raya Project, an ecologically sustainable rainforest project in Borneo to rebuild the ecosystem.

"ZIF Green Bond Global"

Green bonds are regular bonds that are used to finance sustainable projects. They therefore belong to the category of impact investing. The goal of such bonds is to promote the transition to a climate-neutral economy and society and, at the same time, generate attractive returns.

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