Only for love!

Only for love!

Most Swiss people only emigrate for love and due to a thirst for adventure. They think that they already live in the best country, unlike Italians and Mexicans who would move away immediately for better jobs. This is the result of the latest Zurich survey in 12 countries.
Having the courage to make a new start in another country? For most Swiss people this does not come into question. They simply couldn't be bothered, or they have family obligations. Or they appreciate how much effort it takes to settle down elsewhere. In particular, however, almost one in every two feel safest in this country – or think that they already live in the best country in the world. Only Australians and Austrians returned higher figures. Germans also feel happy at home.

More kicks – less hassle
The Swiss would only emigrate if a great adventure beckons. The second most popular reason is love – because one's beloved lives in another country. Third, the Swiss would only hit the road in the hope of finding a better work-life balance in distant parts.
The Italians and the Portuguese think quite differently. Together with the Spanish, they see them-selves confronted by high unemployment and would emigrate tomorrow for good job prospects. The British wouldn't hesitate for long either. And one in every two Moroccans is willing to move to another country for better career opportunities.

The allure of "Down Under"
What countries are the most popular for making a new start? The Swiss find "Down Under" most tempting. More than one third would pack their bags to emigrate to Aus-tralia or New Zealand. The British and the Irish feel the same way. The port of call for Germans and Austrians, on the other hand, would be in Northern Europe, while the Russians and the Portuguese would head for Switzerland, Germany or Austria.

Less crime, secure jobs
What security does a country have to offer in order to be the preferred destination for a new start? For the Swiss, the Germans and the Austrians there are mainly three factors: political stability, low crime rates and a reliable insurance system that gives the best possible protection against the financial consequences of illness and disability. For the Spanish, the Irish and the Portuguese security of employment has first priority. Safe pensions top the list for Russians and Moroccans.

Respondents in 12 countries
These are the results of a representative survey conducted together with GfK in the following 12 countries around the world by Zurich Insurance: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, Australia, Mexico and the UK. A sample of 500 - 1000 inhabitants was considered in each country. In total 7,754 people were questioned about what would induce them to make a new start in another country.

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