Portrait Zurich Switzerland


Portrait Zurich Switzerland

Zurich: A strong Brand in Switzerland More than 1.4 million customers in Switzerland place their trust in the products and services of Zurich. Every day, private individuals, small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as major corporations and institutions choose the security of our insurance, pension and investment products.

employees worldwide work for the Zurich Insurance Group
people are employed by Zurich in Switzerland
of these are independant field service employees

Zurich - a startup since 1872

In our 150th year, much of Zurich still feels like a startup. We have remained flexible and have adapted to and grown with all challenges - from world wars to natural disasters to pandemics. But we are different from a startup in one important aspect: we are an absolute guarantor of stability. Discover our diverse global success story now in our interactive eBook. 

  • We are clearly committed to equality and have been recognized by the independent EDGE foundation.
  • As one of the largest Swiss insurers with a proud history since 1872, reliability and security are important to us.
  • Our core business is risk management. Whether we are working with private individuals, SMEs or corporations with global operations, we help our customers understand their risks – and protect them with comprehensive solutions.
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Our customers are at the center of what we do

Outstanding claim management is vital to our success. In the event of a loss it becomes clear whether we deliver on our promises – fast, uncomplicated and with professional support. Every year, we take one million calls at our claims center, process 500,000 claims, serve 65,000 Help Point customers and help 2,000 people return to productive lives after an accident or illness.

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Investor Relations

The financial report provides an overview of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd and Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. You can find information about risk and capital management of the Zurich Group here: