Accident Insurance according to LAI

Benefits at a glance

  • Zurich Accident Insurance includes coverage according to the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (LAI) and practical supplementary accident insurance – for SUVA companies as well
  • Financial security for your employees in the event of accidents and occupational illness
  • Discharge of the obligation to pay salary in the case of incomes exceeding the LAI maximum salary
  • Zurich helps you reintegrate employees quickly (Care Management)
  • You have minimal administrative work thanks to a practical online claims management system
  • Zurich's and swissdec 's electronic salary declarations let you report salary data directly to Zurich – no need to fill out declaration forms

Good to know

  • If you have employees who work for less than eight hours per week, these individuals are only insured for occupational accidents (non-occupational accidents are not insured)
  • Differential coverage: act now to prevent benefit cuts that the LAI insurer can implement at any time, for example, due to extraordinary threats or risks
  • Insurance by special agreement: you can extend non-occupational accident insurance (unpaid vacation, interruption in employment with no claim to salary, end of employment relationship) for a maximum of 180 days (once the statutory 30-day subsequent coverage expires)
  • Zurich is committed to «Lohnstandard-CH». The project is spearheaded by swissdec. The goal is to support the standardized salary reporting system. The process satisfies the strict data protection requirements. Click once to send data directly from payroll accounting to various recipients in Switzerland: Zurich, AHV compensation office, Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva), tax offices and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office

This insurance also includes all the benefits of our Care Management services:

  • Z-Check-Up
  • CarePoint
  • Physician/hospital network (Medi Point)
  • Case Management
  • Back to Work

In detail

Zurich Accident Insurance comprehensively covers medical expenses and integration costs, offers daily sickness benefits and a disability pension in the event of inability to work, and pays survivor's pension in the event of death. These benefits are paid out for occupational and non-occupational accidents as well as occupational illness.

You have minimal administrative work thanks to Zurich Online Claims Management and electronic salary declarations.

Medical expenses insurance

  • Outpatient and inpatient, general ward
  • Aids and appliances – such as prosthetics – plus related damages
  • Travel, transport, rescue and recovery costs
  • Transportation of corpse and funeral costs
  • Supplementary insurance: supplementary coverage for private wards and private clinics all over the world

Security in the event of inability to work (daily sickness benefits insurance)

  • 80% of the insured salary (maximum salary CHF 148,200)
  • Zurich pays compensation from the third day following the accident, for as long as the person is unable to work or until the person dies or becomes disabled
  • Supplementary insurance: 80% to 100% for the first two days following the accident (up to the LAI maximum salary of CHF 148,200); 20% of the salary lost (up to CHF 148,200); 80% to 100% daily allowance for surplus salaries (more than CHF 148,200) up to a maximum CHF 300,000

Financial support in the event of long-term disability and death

  • Disability pension: 80% of the insured salary in case of full disability, together with IV or AHV pension, maximum 90% of the insured salary
  • Allowance for physical and mental impairment in accordance with the defined degree of disability table, maximum CHF 148,200, regardless of whether the insured party has any claim to a disability pension
  • Long-term care allowance
  • In the event of death: spouse’s pension up to 40% of the insured salary; half-orphan’s pension up to 15% of the insured salary; full orphan’s pension up to 25% of the insured salary; survivor's pension up to a total of 70%, together with AHV or IV pensions up to a maximum 90% of the insured salary
  • Supplementary insurance: pension or capital payments for the insurance of the LAI salary and surplus salaries

Salary declarations – efficient and economical

  • No more filling out declaration forms by hand
  • You can report your salary data in encrypted form to all salary data recipients at the same time
  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • You save time because fewer checks are necessary

Our advisory service

Take out appropriate coverage to insure your employees against accidents. We would be glad to advise you.

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