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Personal support from Zurich Case Management

When employees are absent due to illness or accident, it is a challenging situation for everyone involved. Our case management supports companies with Zurich daily sickness benefits or accident insurance to ensure a smooth return to work.

Effective case management

We are there for you if your employees fall ill or have an accident – quickly and simply.


We bring everyone involved in the process together: Employers, employees, relatives, authorities and medical professionals.

Continuous support

Our case managers accompany the process from initial contact through successful reintegration.


People are at the center of everything we do. Together, we look for solutions that take everyone's needs into account.

Stories from everyday life

Our solutions are as individual as the cases themselves. Our case managers have already successfully helped a large number of employees return to work or find a new perspective in their working lives.


Forest ranger
Forest ranger: A new perspective

In a forestry company with 20 employees, an employee learns that he suffers from a severe autoimmune disease with muscle weakness. Working on uneven terrain with a chainsaw is no longer viable. Thanks to the Zurich Case Manager, the forest ranger finds a new job in a nursery.

Man in the office
Carpenter: Office instead of workbench

After suffering a slipped disc, a carpenter can no longer carry out his profession. Supported by the Zurich Case Manager and the DI, he completes a new commercial training course. This allows him to stay at his company, but he switches to an office position and is fully able to work again.

Two women in a meeting in the office
IT specialist: Burnout as an opportunity

In an IT company with 15 employees, the managing director is suffering from burnout and is absent for weeks – a challenge for everyone. The Zurich Case Manager accompanies her back to work and coaches the employees. The company is thus able to emerge from the crisis stronger than before.

Information and frequently asked questions about case management

Advice and support

We advise you and your employees in the event of illness or accident so that those affected can recover as quickly as possible and return to work. If required, we can put you in touch with partners and specialist agencies.

Individual solutions

In the event of prolonged absences due to serious illness or accidents, we assist your employees personally on their way back to work. If necessary, we also help with professional reorientation.

Network of specialists

We open up our network to you so that your employees have access to the best possible medical care. We also put patients in touch with medical consultants and provide support if a patient wishes to obtain a second opinion.

What does case management involve?

Our case management includes personal support for your employees returning to work after long absences due to illness or accidents. Depending on the situation, the focus is on reintegration or reorientation. We are at your side: We offer advice on the telephone and personally, coordinate medical service providers, DI offices and authorities, and put you in touch with partners and specialist agencies.

When does it make sense to involve case management?

Case management is particularly effective in non-terminated employment relationships and is ideally introduced at an early stage. A positive attitude towards returning to work and a willingness to work cooperatively are crucial. We will be happy to help you determine your needs and organize the appropriate support. Responsibility for making a decision on the possible added value and the type of use lies with Zurich, and it depends on various factors such as a medical assessment.

We will be happy to check with you individually whether case management makes sense.

How does communication work in a specific case?

Open and clear communication is crucial for the success of case management. This is why we rely on regular personal communication via telephone, Microsoft Teams and face-to-face meetings on site between the employer, the employee and the responsible case manager. Compliance with data protection throughout the entire process is a matter of course for us.

What costs will I incur for case management?

Case management is a Zurich service included in your premium. Responsibility for any decision on the potential added value and type of use of case management lies with Zurich. We take all available information into account and select the most suitable type of support for your specific case. 

How does a case management process work?

In the first meeting, we clarify the need for support and the motivation of all involved to work together. If we agree on a joint course of action, we define the initial situation in an assessment. We then sit down with all involved to define an action plan and the next steps. We review the process in regular progress meetings and adjust the action plan, if necessary. The conclusion of case management is clearly communicated to all parties involved. We follow the standards of Netzwerk Case Management Schweiz throughout the entire process. 

Case management guide

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Healthy company – successful company

The health of a company’s employees is a vital factor for success, especially for SMEs. It takes everyone to be efficient and pull together to manage the daily workload.
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Prevent stress and burnout

Stress is a widespread phenomenon in today's working world. We have grown accustomed to it. But stress can make you ill.
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Taking action for the employees

John Baker attaches great importance to a healthy work environment. Zurich as an insurance company provides support.
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Recreational accident prevention

Prevention efforts often focus on occupational accidents. But recreational accidents can be avoided too – through regular training, for example on the Zurich Vitaparcours.
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Accident or illness: Differences simply explained

An accident or illness can happen to anyone, but what about continued pay? We explain the consequences under insurance law.

Well covered in the event of an accident

Employees who have an accident and cannot work still have a right to income. The law provides for continued salary payment and UVG benefits. What does that mean specifically?
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Daily benefit in case of hospitalization: Continued payment of salaries in the event of illness

If employees are absent due to illness for a longer period of time, they are entitled to the continued payment of salaries. Here you can find out everything you need to know.
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LAI explained – simply and concisely

How does mandatory accident insurance actually work – and who is covered? Our compact guide has answers to all the important questions on the subject.

Comprehensive protection for companies and employees

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Accident insurance for business

The mandatory LAI accident insurance and LAI supplementary insurance (UVG-Z) offer optimum cover for your employees against occupational and non-occupational accidents and occupational illnesses.

Collective insurance for daily sickness benefits

A collective insurance for daily sickness benefits covers the salaries of employees during an extended work absence due to illness or pregnancy.

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Corporate Health Management

As a competence center for corporate health, we support you in establishing, sustainably planning and implementing your own sustainable corporate health management (CHM).

Man and woman with a laptop

Absence Cost Calculator

Employee absences generate major costs. Run a cost projection for your company based on just four parameters.