Accident Insurance for Schoolchildren and Students

Benefits at a glance

  • No age limit – this insurance is valid for postgraduate students just as much as schoolchildren and kindergarteners
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage on the way to and from school, during breaks, in class, and at camp
  • You are viewed as a responsible institution by the pupils and their families
  • Protects against claims relating to bodily injury and property damage
  • Comprehensive supplemental benefits for rescue transport, medical treatment and hospital stays
  • Financial support in the event of long-term disability and death
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In detail

As a kindergarten, school or university, you can demonstrate that you are a responsible institution and handle the financial consequences of an accident with Zurich Student Accident Insurance.
The policy covers accidents that occur in class, during breaks, on the way to and from school, and during events such as school trips and camps. Accident insurance for schoolchildren and students supplements the benefits awarded according to the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LSI) in terms of medical expenses and delivers benefits in the event of disability and death.

Insurance covers medical expenses for school­children and students

  • Accommodation and treatment in an agreed-upon ward (private, semi-private, general)
  • Free choice of physician and hospital in Switzerland
  • Pays for emergency transport, rescue and recovery costs, search efforts up to CHF 20,000

Financial support for long-term disability

  • One-off capital payout
  • Payment amounts increase with the degree of severity of the disability
  • Financial support for remodeling homes or apartments to make them accessible for the disabled
  • Zurich works fast to deliver funds needed in emergencies
  • Financial help with purchasing the necessary aids and appliances

Additional financial protection in the event of death

  • One-off capital payout
  • Funeral costs paid

Our advisory service

Support your schoolchildren or students in the event of an accident. We look forward to advising you.
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Get back to work, fast

An employee has had an accident. Zurich supports their reintegration with a network of specialists and case management.

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Healthy employees

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