Visitor Accident Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • You demonstrate a sense of responsibility toward customers and visitors
  • Comprehensive supplemental benefits for rescue transport, medical treatment and hospital stays
  • Financial security in the event of loss of income
  • Financial support in the event of long-term disability and death
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Good to know

  • Generally speaking, commercial liability insurance only indemnifies claims where the accident was caused by a defect or employee negligence. In such cases, statutory liability exists for your company, its management or workforce.
  • This insurance also includes the following benefits: Medi Point (physician/hospital network) and Case Management




In detail

Zurich Visitor Accident Insurance steps in where your commercial liability insurance leaves off, which occurs when a company has no statutory liability.

Visitor accident insurance is designed for the following people

  • Visitors and customers present on your company’s property and in your facilities
  • Visitors and customers attending your events, even if they don’t take place on company property

Medical expenses insurance

  • Accommodation and treatment in a private ward
  • Free choice of physician and hospital in Switzerland
  • Pays for emergency transport, rescue and recovery costs, and search efforts up to CHF 20,000

Insurance coverage for visitors in the event of loss or damage to property

  • Covers damage to items worn or carried, such as clothing, glasses or goods, up to the agreed sum insured
  • Zurich pays repair costs up to the maximum new replacement value
  • If items have to be replaced, Zurich pays the costs of buying a new replacement less the residual value

Short-term inability to work (daily sickness benefits insurance)

  • Fixed daily benefits without offset of third-party benefits
  • Zurich pays per accident for a maximum of 720 days within five years following the accident

Supplement for hospitalization and health resort stays

  • Daily benefit in the event of hospitalization to cover additional private expenses starting on the first day
  • Benefits are paid per accident for a maximum 1,800 days

One-off capital payment for permanent disability

  • Payment amounts increase with the degree of severity of the disability
  • Financial support for remodeling homes or apartments to make them accessible for the disabled
  • Zurich works fast to deliver funds needed in emergencies
  • Financial help with purchasing the necessary aids and appliances

Additional financial protection in the event of death

  • Provisions for family members: one-off capital payout
  • Guarantees for credit, loans or mortgages
  • Funeral costs paid
  • Zurich supports any children in pursuing higher education

Your consultation

Welcome visitors with no worries thanks to our accident insurance. We would be glad to advise you.
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Get back to work, fast

An employee has had an accident. Zurich supports their reintegration with a network of specialists and case management.

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Healthy employees

Take preventive action to protect the health of your employees – such as with our health checkup and coaching program.