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Healthy employees for a strong company

Prevention through Care Management

Healthy companies are more competitive, and Zurich supports them so that their employees remain healthy or recuperate quickly in the event of illness or an accident.

A healthy company – it's worthwhile

  • Benefit from our know-how when it comes to company health management 
  • Find out about the possibilities for health promotion
  • Establish a systematic absence management system together with us
  • Find out how you can save money with us by investing in health
  • Benefit from our network – with special conditions: Fit im Job, Ismat Consulting/Biings, WeAct
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Company health management

Would you like to introduce company health management? We can support you: for example, we can provide you with information, put you in contact with experts or organize a sensitization workshop for your management team.

Health promotion

Do you want to strengthen the fitness and resilience of your employees? We can highlight the possibilities for promoting health – from stress tests to health checks and even workshops on nutrition, addiction, work-life balance, movement and ergonomics.

Absence management

Are certain groups of employees in your company absent more often than others? Are the reasons recurring? A systematic absence management system can help you to take measures against this. We can support you with tools, workshops or specific tips.

Coaching in situations of change

Coaching for teams or managers can be helpful in challenging situations or periods of change, in order to find solutions and strengthen the corporate culture. We can show you what possibilities are available.

Three strong partners

Fit im Job

The specialists for sustainable company health management work with scientific methods. They develop targeted workshops based on online surveys.

Ismat Consulting and Biings

The experts for workplace health and safety can help you to establish a healthy atmosphere at work in all areas with topics like motivation, conflict management or burnout prophylaxis.
Ismat Consulting and Biings

WeAct Challenge

Your employees learn how to stand up and do something for their own health, the environment and the team in a playful manner. You therefore promote healthy behavior during daily work and  strengthen the team feeling.
of all absences are work-related – from unhealthy chairs to an unhealthy atmosphere at work.
of the population is overweight. With men the figure is even higher at 51 %, the figure for women lies at 32 %.
of employees are at risk of becoming ill due to stress and fatigue.

Gardeners without pain

Gardeners work hard  – many have back problems, which is why the owner of a nursery ask for help: Zurich organized workshops for the employees, where they learned how to look after their backs. What's more, they all visited a "back fitness" course. The result – the number of long-term absences has dropped significantly.

Stress-proof foundation employees

Dedicated foundations can help people with disabilities to improve their job prospects. The support staff has an important but also challenging task. Zurich helps them to deal with stress and helps to reduce the number of stress-related illnesses with individual coaching activities.

Musicians with good hearing

Orchestra musicians need good hearing – but they subject it to a lot of strain each day with loud sounds and music. Zurich lent their support here so that the members of the orchestra could be provided with individual hearing protection. What's more, the violin players learn how to avoid unfavorable positions and postures during ergonomics workshops.

Your service

No matter how big your company is, we can support you with tips and advice so that your employees stay fit and healthy.

Relief for salary payment obligations

The statutory obligation to compensate sick employees can quickly cause enormous costs. Protect yourself with compensation insurance.

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Absence Cost Calculator

Employee absences generate major costs. Run a cost projection for your company based on just four parameters.

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Get well

Your employees are not just case numbers for us, but rather people who deserve respect and appreciation. Specifically, that means: this means we look after you individually and in a solution-oriented manner.


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Healthy company – successful company

The health of a company’s employees is a vital factor for success, especially for SMEs. It takes everyone to be efficient and pull together to manage the daily workload.
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Prevent stress and burnout

Stress is a widespread phenomenon in today's working world. We have grown accustomed to it. But stress can make you ill.