Occupational health management

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Occupational health management

Do you want to increase the well-being and health of your employees? We support you with a comprehensive range of services to establish and improve your occupational health management.

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Dealing with stress during the pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus situation is placing considerable stress on all of us and affects how we live and work. Therefore, Zurich is supporting its corporate clients in this challenging time in order to avoid a situation in which the psychological strain on employees becomes too great.

Stress-resistant employees

Time pressure, demanding tasks or conflicts in the team – these are all factors that can potentially trigger stress. In order to minimize the health-threatening consequences of stress, Zurich supports its customers in training employees and managers to cope with stress and strain in the workplace.

Resilience in the workplace

Crises and changes in the everyday private and professional sphere are all part of life. Our psychological resistance - resilience - helps us to overcome such stresses and emerge stronger. Fortunately, resilience can be learned. Zurich customers learn how to do this in individual workshops.

A healthy company is a profitable company

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Taking action for the employees

John Baker attaches great importance to a healthy work environment. Zurich as an insurance company provides support.
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Burnout – when everything becomes too much

SME entrepreneurs love their work and can generally cope well with the heavy workload. But if personal problems pile up on top of this, then things can get too much – and there’s a risk of burn-out.
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Prevent stress and burnout

Stress is a widespread phenomenon in today's working world. We have grown accustomed to it. But stress can make you ill.
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Healthy company – successful company

The health of a company’s employees is a vital factor for success, especially for SMEs. It takes everyone to be efficient and pull together to manage the daily workload.