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What insurance should you consider?

Consultants have an exciting and important job, most of them love their profession. But the consulting business also has its downsides: long working days, high stress and often a high responsibility. Demand can also fluctuate considerably. That's why it's especially important for consultants to be fully insured: financially, health-wise and also in the case of liability claims by their clients.

Frequent risks

gross negligence

A father gives his grown-up daughter a plot of land, according to his notary, taxes can be saved in this way. But the opposite is true - and the family calls the notary to account him for the expensive tax bill. His professional indemnity insurance covers the damage. 

When the boss is absent

A management consultant has a serious car accident on the way to a customer. As a result, the entrepreneur is completely out of action for months. Zurich entrepreneur insurance is now on hand to provide advice and assistance, and to provide organizational and financial support so that the company can continue.

laptop damage

During the train ride to his sales appointment, the IT specialist drops his laptop and the display splinters. Zurich gives him the choice of having the display replaced or investing in a new laptop as part of his all-risk coverage in property insurance. 

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