Be justified, get justice


The path to gaining redress

Legal certainty with commercial legal protection from Orion: With ORION PRO, the commercial legal protection insurance offered by Orion, you get comprehensive protection for legal issues. Our legal experts provide you with professional advice and take on your legal cases. We also bear any financial risk arising from legal disputes.


Standard or premium?

Take advantage of comprehensive benefits at a fair price with the standard version. Or choose the premium version and get cover for issues that you were previously unable to insure, such as problems with property purchases or tax law.


Tailor-made for your industry

Orion offers four special insurance packages for all types of SMEs as well as special cover for physicians, municipalities and agricultural businesses. All packages provide expert legal advice for your legal issues and active support with conflicts. We also bare any costs arising from legal disputes (e.g. court costs, external attorney costs).


Innovative and impartial

Orion always acts in your interests. For this purpose, we sometimes use innovative forms of conflict resolution, such as mediation. Should there ever be a conflict of interests, for example because two Orion customers are in dispute, we appoint an external attorney.

Services at a glance

  • We advise you on legal issues.
  • We take on your legal cases.
  • We pay the costs for attorneys, mediators, reports and expert's views
  • We pay court and proceedings costs
  • We pay advances for penalties and legal costs owing to the counterparty
  • We reimburse translation and travel costs

More details

Corporate legal protection

In dispute with a supplier, employee or insurer? With Orion Pro we assume your financial risk in connection with a legal dispute and provide you with professional advice.

ORION PRO – professional for SMEs

We support SMEs with their legal problems. For example, if an employee suddenly claims overtime to the value of CHF 15,000. Or if your warehouse lease is unexpectedly terminated. Or if a customer refuses to settle an unpaid bill due to alleged defects.

ORION PUBLIC – the special solution for municipalities

We assist municipalities with all their legal issues. For example, if an employee passes on data to a third party without permission. Or if the planned construction of a sports hall is opposed by neighbors. Or if  your new software fails to meet your expectations and the provider denies any responsibility.

ORION MEDIC – tailor-made for physicians and health professions

We assist physicians, dentists, physiotherapists or podiatrists with all legal issues. Whether the lease on your practice's premises has been unexpectedly terminated or whether your new ultrasound device fails to work correctly. Or in the event that your neighbor repeatedly disrupts your consultations with loud music. Moreover, the legal protection also covers both you and your family in a private capacity.

ORION AGRI – specifically geared for the needs of farmers

We help farmers with all legal issues. If your major customer suddenly refuses to pay the agreed price. If your lease agreement is unexpectedly terminated. If your driving license is taken away or your health insurer doesn't want to pay your treatment costs after an accident. Moreover, the legal protection also covers both you and your family in a private capacity.


ORION PRO – professional for SMEs

Be justified, get justice. SMEs, municipalities, physicians and farmers enjoy legal certainty corporate legal protection from Orion.

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Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.


Cyber Insurance for SME's

2 out of 5 Swiss SMEs have already experienced a cyber attack. Zurich helps you manage the consequences, whether this be a business interruption, loss of data, or claims for damages from customers and partners.

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