Credit Insurance, Loss of Receivables Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Zurich protects your company in the event of customers’ inability to pay (e.g. as a result of bankruptcy) and unwillingness to pay
  • Higher liquidity and easier borrowing from banks
  • It’s easier for you to capture new markets thanks to protection against debtor risks
  • Continuous credit checks on your customers and a fast online service for enquiring about credit limits
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Good to know

  • The annual premium for your credit insurance is normally based on your declared annual revenue and on various attributes specific to your company
  • Your deductible is normally 10% of the insured accounts receivable

In detail

Zurich Credit Insurance is particularly useful for export-oriented companies and thus for more extensive debtor default risks, but it might also be of interest to other companies that want to optimize debtor management.

Your benefits in exports

  • Zurich understands the specific risks and dangers of the international export business
  • Zurich has a large international network of experts
  • Zurich works worldwide with local debt recovery partners
  • You can also insure high debts

Optimized debtor management

  • Zurich checks your customers’ credit rating
  • Insure debtor risks for small customers at a flat rate
  • Zurich checks your preferred credit limits and defines them based on a debtor’s credit rating

Our advisory service

Do you want effective protection against payment defaults? We would be glad to advise you.

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